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Went to U-pick today for the very first time... May have enjoyed it a little too much.


I've canned all the jam/syrup I need, plus I'm freezing puree ice cubes cause they're fun to add to lemonade, etc.


I have ~ 5 lbs of berries left. I was thinking I could vacuum can some cookies or something a bit more unusual like that. Try to expand our horizons a little. Any recipes / ideas?


Please no corn syrup, I'm allergic.


I'm gonna go munch on some choc covered berries now. :-)

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I use Pomona's Pectin because Ball has corn in it, so I have no clue how this translates to the more traditional pectin.




That's the link to the insert that comes with Pomona's. If you like a syrup that's chunkier (like me!), use the jam recipe, but only use 1/4 of the pectin.

If you like the smoother syrup (more like the store) use the jelly recipe with 1/4 of the pectin.


I'll say my favorite use is to flavor teas and lemonades. Mmm Mmm Good.

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