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I am working late again, playing catchup. This came in the In-Box. It is a zip file of text files of game recipes.


I just dropped it into the paperback archive until I can get back to it.




The '%20' is a space if yours does not display correctly.


Depending on your browser, most will download and unpack from the zip archive and display with a left click. If not, right-click and save as.


Possum anyone?





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There is also the book "Cooking Wild Game 1915" on the main Librum site.


Take that one with a left click too.


Let me see if the forum software will let me do a good link.


http://www.librum.us/stacks1/cwg cooking wild game 1915.exe


Yes, that worked, even if it does display funny. Abbreviated.





I got a chuckle with the mental image of me chasing a whale with a skillet.



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