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Miles for November 22 - December 5, 2015


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We have had a lot going on lately, first off, we decided to go to a craft fair and had about a month to make things to take. Then, on Monday a week ago, a widow friend of ours fell and her neighbor took her to the ER. On Tuesday, our Pizza Day, we went to pick her up and ended up in the ditch. On Saturday, we went to the craft fair and when we got home, we had a message that a young man had been killed by a falling tree. He had his 2 boys with him or we don’t know when he would have been found. He was so young, only 40 years old. On Sunday, there wasn’t a dry eye in church. Well, at least there was a lot of crying going on and most people had cried during the service. Our minister is a young man and he gave a great message.
I’m so sorry I have not been in here as much as I should be, but, I am in hopes that after the first of the year I will be able to be in more.
Thank you all for being patient with me.

Here are some things that count for miles.
These are as you can count them, 1 mile will = one mile.
Biking, swimming, walking, and such.
These will be counted as 1 hour = one mile

DANCING8.gif :shopping:

will be down and up 10 times = one mile


These will be counted as 30 minutes = one mile

:clothesline::lois: weights, jumping rope. SHOVELING%20SNOW%201_zpsjfg7iza5.jpeg


You will have to be the judge of these. We have been counting 30 minutes or 1 hour as a mile, but, sometimes it isn't so. Therefore, I'm letting you be the judge of these.


For the week of, November 22 - 28, the fitbit says I walked only 21.37 miles and I rode the bike 8 miles for a total of 29.37 miles this week. November 29 – December 5, I did 22.07 miles with the fit bit and another 8 miles on the bike, making a total of 30.07 miles. I just have to get busy and get more miles in.


Ok, who will be next.gif ???


Who is going to join us? Anyone who wants to start exercising or walking or whatever, count your miles and add them up this week and post them next week when either Momo or I make the walking post.

HAVEANICEDAY1-2.gif thtags88ur-1.gif

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I have had a rough patch too lately but at least DH and I are not sick!


I went on a carb binge yesterday after a year of being very good. It's all DH's fault..he MADE me eat Mexican food like a taco , beans and chips. LOL. I just have to get back with the program today.

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