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Miles for February 5 - 11, 2017


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Last week we saw the oncologist in Bemidji and that is about half the distance as Fargo is for us. It is a lady and she was really good, she said we will do this and this and this and as soon as the insurance comes through he will be doing the Chemo and Radiation.

We went to Bemidji yesterday to have a port put in for the chemo. Today we go back to see the radiation oncologist and to have a lesson or something like that about chemo, I guess it is to explain about the dos and don’ts and such. It sounds like the insurance has come through as the way it sounds, he will be getting his first treatment tomorrow also. It will be 30 days in a row, minus the weekends for the radiation treatments and 4-6 groups of 3 days of chemo. The chemo will be 3 days and then wait for a week or two and then another 3 days of chemo and so on. This is going to be a lot of traveling for sure


I am not sure if I will be able to get in here every week during these treatments to post miles so I will depend on Momo to do this. :)

I am just going to put miles in today as you all know what counts.


For February 5 – 11th, I did 15.69 miles according to my fit bit.

HUGS%20POLAR%20BEARS_zpsxswxnxow.gif WINTER%20BIRDS%202D_zpskskc3khc.jpg


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