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Guest Joyfilled1

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Guest Joyfilled1

Anyone know what National Emergency means?  Any weird powers enacted? I guess it was just declared because of Coronavirus....because of those 6 cases we have all over the country. :shrug:

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I saw that on TV but got an alert from USA early today.  It just states that the USGOV. declared nat'l public health emerg. over 2019 nCoV. No entry into the US for any foreign nat'l who has traveled in China in the past 2 weeks. It states more to come. but have not heard anything else about it yet. Also, any US citizen who has been to Hubei prov of China in the past 14 days is subject to 2 weeks quarantine. Incoming flights from China limited to 7 US airports. 

Then it says USGOV may be staging add'l evac flights from Wuhan for AMCITS around Feb. 3ed. 

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Joyfllled, hoping that all will be over by then as well. Hopefully there won't be any problems with them getting here.  Right now I am concerned about my granddaughter and her DH as they will be traveling by cars to Washington State from Maryland. They will be staying in hotels on the way there. With this virus that does concern me. I am going to make sure they both get flu and pneumonia vacs. They with her DH working in the naval hosp. they may have already gotten them. But will be asking about it. Also concerned as to weather on the way there. Snow, etc. Just praying for a safe trip. 

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