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OMG they got me started.....satire time


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Imagine MTV style video....showing empty meat freezers... when all of a sudden those swinging doors open up and some Chippendale type fellows swagger thru, wearing bow ties, a butcher apron (to cover strategic areas) and combat boots.  They are carrying packages....of huge chicken breasts.....and they begin to sing (with apologies to Sir Mix a Lot) and dance.....

We got big breasts and we can not lie --
You other butchers cant deny
that when the freezers empty of roasts and steak
and hamburgers MIA.
You get mad and want to pull up tough
Cause that freezer used to be stuffed!
But when you get to huntin' for something for the oven
Chicken breasts are delish with stuffin'
Babe, we got breasts ! 


(Dance meat cutter man, dance!)


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I ran across this in one of my notebooks....written back during the last pres race after HC's "deplorables" comments were exposed.  

Imagine Hillary Clinton belting this out like Ethyl Merman to the tune of "There's No Business Like Show Business"


"There's no liberals like old liberals,

The best liberals I know.

Handing out the freebies to the masses,, Forcing businesses to foot the bill.

Then we'll cite the need to raise more taxes, because the businesses went over the hill!

There's no people like media people, a politician's best tool.

Manipulate events so they will sever see, How far they've strayed from reality

Interpreting it as truth over the news TV

Lets go!  On with the show!  Lets go!  On with the show!


I guess you can insert your favorite politician for the lead singer....

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