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Good Brine for Chicken & Pork

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4 cups hot water   

3/4 cup kosher salt   

3/4 cup dark brown sugar, packed   

1 tablespoon coarsely ground black pepper   

6 bay leaves, crumbled   

1 X 12 oz. bottle/can beer   

1  tray of ice cubes   

2  cups cold water   

Combine the salt, sugar, pepper and bay leaves in a pot and boil for about 15 minutes. Let cool for about 15 minutes and add ice cubes and beer. Put in jug or container in the fridge, it last for months. 

In a ziplock bag add chicken or pork chops and enough brine to cover the meat (let air out of the bag helps). Let the meat sit in the brine at least 6 hours or longer. Remove meat and wash thoroughly to remove the salt. (Very important or the meat will be salty)   Probe and put on the grill, I like to pull my chicken at 170 and pork chops at 150. ">continue reading...

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150 is only about medium well done.  This is okay for pork you lovingly hand-raised, but in these days of uncertainty, I want my bought pork to be well-done.  That means 160 degrees at least, and 165 is better.  For a 1-inch thick slab, broil each side for 12-15 minutes, then check the temperature.  The brine will have removed color, remember.  Let it rest before serving. 

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