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Omicron Subvariant and maybe more coming

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Wastewater sampling shows increased amounts of virus in cities across the country, and a new Omicron subvariant is fueling a fresh wave of illness in Europe. 

Congress is arguing a new COVID relief bill that would provide $15 billion funding for testing, antiviral drugs, and vaccines, which are currently free.

I can see them dropping the "free" part and pushing the cost to insurance companies, which will gradually push the cost to consumers, while having them gets more and more necessary/mandatory, whichever way you want to look at it.

There's a war on.  War breeds disease, and disease mutation.  That's without the factor of disease being used deliberately as a weapon.  Don't think Putin is above this, or that he lacks the resources.

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I agree, Ambergris! I read something earlier this week that mentioned the fact that scientists have had some time to study the Omicron variant. They have determined that it can last longer on surfaces than the original version of COVID. I felt vindicated when I read it because I still wipe down everything in my office before my coworkers arrive and have a cleaning protocol for using a public bathroom that others might find over-the-top! (My coworkers certainly do!) I am especially careful because I provide care to my 88-year old mom and she is medically fragile. My dad is 90, so he is at-risk, too. 



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It can never hurt anything to be cautious with surfaces, even if it wasn't transmitted that way there are plenty of other nasties you can pick up off of surfaces! I think it's especially important when you live with others who have immunocompromise and are elderly so glad you have kept up your precautions!


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