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Need Help Evaluating this Drink

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@Mother and @still Nana

Came across this "fat burning" drink on YT today. I am familiar with most of the ingredients in it except for Carom seeds. If you know what they are please inlighten me. ;)

Overall, do the ingedients she uses have the health benefits she says they do?

Also, do you think it would make a difference if you used ginger powder and Turmeric powder instead? These questions were in the comments section of the vid, but I did not see any replies from the creator addressing these questions.

Another thing, do you think you would be able to prepare enough for several days without losing any of the benefits the drink is purported to have? By prepare I mean create a pitcher of the soaked products but leave the boiling of the brew until you are ready to consume it.


I time stamped the video to bypass the intro and start at the beginning of creating the recipe.


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MM, I have difficulties accessing videos with are ummm iffy,,, internet. Perhaps you could list the recipe.  

I’m pretty sure there is no weight loss drink without there being a change in habits unless it includes some sort of stimulant or appetite suppressor. I could be wrong though so please post and everyone can look at it. 

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This is a tough question, for many reasons. I want you to know that I take these types of claims with a grain of salt. It is not my intention to hurt anyone's feelings; I'm very skeptical of miraculous results. If these things were so awesome, everyone would be slim trim and healthy already. The weight loss industry- yes, INDUSTRY- is a multi-billion dollar money making enterprise. There are literally thousands of weight loss programs, schemes, pills and recipes created yearly, and with most of them, all you lose is money. The ONLY sure fire way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. That's it. Please note that she did say you have to change your eating habits and exercise. There may be a few things here and there to help but, for long term versus yoyo dieting, you have to change your lifestyle and eating habits. That being said, I listened to her recipe and it seems - excessive. That's just my interpretation.


I personally can't handle turmeric. I tried the capsules; it gives me horrible heartburn, and it turned my urine so orange I thought my kidneys were shutting down. I use fennel  as an essential oil and it smells like licorice. It's slightly nauseating, at least to me. It's a great oil though, so I tolerate it. I've never tried carom but I looked it up and it's an Indian spice, similar to a mild oregano. I like lemon but as a citrus, I'd prefer pink or ruby red grapefruit. Cumin is a staple in my spice cabinet, but in moderation. Ginger is a favorite of mine, and is great for easing stomach issues. I don't have a clue how this would taste, but I can guarantee that I would not be a happy camper tying to drink that warm, bitter, odd combination, first thing in the morning. My morning coffee is the only thing keeping me from doing 25 to life. If you don't have any personal issues with these herbs, then by all means, go for it. I don't see any serious red flags and, apparently, you can buy carom at Walmart, or an Asian market.


I have to say that, truthfully, I'd never drink it. Not ever! BUT! I may just blend those oils and use them as an abdominal massage. I could stand to lose a pound or 30, and if you rub it on your skin, it still absorbs into your body. If you rub it on the soles of your feet, it absorbs faster. That's why you should rub Thieves on your feet and put on thick socks, at the first sign of the sniffles. Good luck! :wub:


still Nana

In a world where you can be anything you'd like, please, be kind.


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I happened upon an older video covering the same drink. In that video she says you have to consume this drink 3x day and time it with your meals. she also mentioned eating a healthy low-carb diet, and referenced the calorie deficit theory, soooooooooooooooo, it does appear that the drink alone has no stand-alone benefits.


Another "dream" crushed. :blush: :gaah: :( :0327: :sad-smiley-012: :busted:

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Midnightmom, try an 8-10 oz glass of cold water with a couple of lemon slices before lunch and dinner. The water helps to fill your stomach and you get full faster. Another cool thing to try, that really works is drink your water, and use a smaller plate. Create a beautiful place setting. Use a place mat and a pretty napkin. Arrange your food on your plate so that it's appealing to the eye. You can even play some calming music while you eat. Whatever you do, don't eat in front of the TV. You don't have a clue how much you're eating when your mind is on your favorite show.


I used to do this at work, years ago;

I bought matching 8" paper plates, napkins and cups. I was actually eating frozen low calorie dinners but I made the whole setting as pretty as possible, and put the food on a plate instead of eating out of the container. One of my coworkers had gone out and bought a full dinner somewhere, but when she saw my setting she got mad and threw most of her food away. She said my food looked so much better she couldn't eat what she bought. At that time, it was a 50 cents Michelina's pasta dish. I kept condiments, crackers, tea bags and other little snacks, and took cut veggies and a little salad from home. I lost almost 30 lbs over the summer.


love and hugs,

still Nana

In a world where you can be anything you'd like, please, be kind.

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Thank you for fielding this one, Nana.  I am continually amazed at how many things we are in agreement with.  I have lost hundreds of pounds, the same pounds, it seems, over and over again.  I have tried many diets and surprisingly enough some of them actually worked but they were always the ones that were nutritionally balanced.  In today’s world of nutritionally depleted soils and factory farmed meat fed ingredients we would never consider safe for our own bodies, balancing our diets is difficult if not impossible.  And taking supplements is only putting a bandaid on a bullet hole. 

I have followed Dr. Terry Wahls for many years.  She is an MS researcher in Iowa City, Iowa.  I do not have MS but have similar autoimmune diseases and chronic Lyme Disease and her research on nutritional healing is phenomenal. While I do not follow her diet specifically I have learned a lot from her research.  She has found that to get all the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet you need to eat nine (9) cups of fruits and vegetables a day and even then it would need to be as fresh and organic as possible. It is the one diet I tried that I could eat more food than I wanted with much higher calories than my expenditure and still lose weight.  

My point is that we should base our diets around healing our bodies first and weight loss second.  That really is different from person to person depending on their body’s needs. Do your research, find your body’s needs and fulfill them as much as possible by natural means using what God has given us.  And I am not saying allopathic medications are all bad.  Many save lives.  Integrative medicine is better choice. 

Now you have my two Pennie’s.  :bighug2:



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All I know is sounds too good to be true usually is. I grew up drinking shakes and taking herbs to lose weight with Herbalife. It was supposed to be healthy and probably a lot of it was safe, but sometimes the ingredients aren't as I found out after taking one called  Ma huang (Ephedra) which Iater has been linked to heart problems. I now have an electrical problem with my heart and had to have an implanted cardiac defibrillator a few years ago because if that and I honestly wonder if it was caused by my use of that herb so many years ago. The founder of Herbalife later died from an overdose. He supposedly founded the company as a safer way to lose weight than diet pills. So I'm extremely skeptical of many of these kinds of weight loss miracle drinks. So please be careful!

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It may well be the cause, Becca_Anne. MaHuang has been implicated in many side effects.   It really pays to do the research.  

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