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Misheard Lyrics


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I think the most famous one is Blinded By The Light


Revved up like a duce 

Another runner in the night  




Racked up like a douche

Another loner in the night




One I always got wrong until my 40's was What A Wonderful World


I see skies of blue

And clouds of white

Bright blessed day

The dark sacred night


I heard "And dogs say goodnight"  For over 40 years! 


To make it even worse, one time I was in a department store by the Lancome or maybe Clinique counter and that song was playing on one of their videos. Right when Louie said "Dogs say goodnight" it showed a field of puppies. Clinched it for me. It wasn't until I looked it up on a computer that I saw the real words. I still say "Dogs Say Goodnight" because after a bright blessed day... they probably do. :cheeky-smiley-067:

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My niece used to sing  Kenny Roger’s Lucille


Why did you leave me loose wheel, 

four hundred children

and the socks in the field

You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel! 


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