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If you think you are having a "bad day".........................................

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A few years back I was at a wax museum in Lancaster PA. Tourist trap. I wanted to pay to buy a ticket but I didn't see where the entry was. I asked a man sitting at a table if I was I the right place. Son of a gun ignored me.  I asked a little louder where I can pay. Nothing. Then it dawned on me it was a wax dummy. I just laughed on the outside but was feeling more stupid than you can imagine in the inside.


That was the same year I was touring an Amish barn by my self. The big nanny goat and I was having a lovely conversation. Her with her cud and me with my gummy bears. All at once she got choked. Scared me half to death. She let out a huge cough from the front end and one of the biggest farts I'd ever heard from an animal from the back end. Who knew!! I was so taken aback that all I could do was laugh...for a long time. She just stood there looking at me like I was nuts. Or like maybe I had done it. It was so loud.  She is probably telling the same story to her kids that I told. Only throwing me under the bus.  :24:



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Momma Goats Version:   Kids listen closely. Once, a long time ago in this very barn, there was a human here visiting with me. We had a lovely time chatting. Me with my cud and her with some colorful things she called Gummy Bears in her mouth. I don't think they were real bears though. I think she was kidding. But, all of a sudden, she started to choke on those things in her mouth. It was awful! I almost ran out of the barn. Then, all at once, both of her ends started to explode. Oh my word. She had all sorts of colors and spit coming from her mouth and all at once...BANG. Her hind end exploded too. I couldn't believe it. Sorry to admit it but I laughed out loud at that poor human. She didn't hang around long after that and I've never seen the poor thing again. So children, if you see a human come close to you DO NOT stand in front of them or behind them. They go off in an instant! 

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