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I saw Dr. Jeremiah Thursday night...



He said there were nearly 10,000 people there. All I know is that when my husband and I arrived a half-hour early, we had to sit in the bleachers near the top, because there were so many people already there.


Everywhere we looked, there were people... Christians, mostly... black, white, Asian, Hispanic... every color and shape and age... worshiping together in that auditorium.


And when the lady behind me, who was chattering to her friends above *her*, mentioned how amazing and encouraging it was to see so many believers together, I turned to agree and found that I KNEW them!!! I used to work with Dan, and when I quit my Post Office route to stay home with our son, he was given my route. Small world, huh? I hadn't seen them for many years. One of God's sweet little jokes... :)


I was going to begin this "off-the-cuff" study in March, but when I got a notice in the mail that Dr. David Jeremiah was coming to a nearby city, I hoped to go first and hear any updates or information straight from him before beginning it. The book was written in the Autumn of 2007 as Dr. Jeremiah preached sermons on these subjects, was reworked into a book form, and it was published in 2008 *before* the elections of the US. I wondered if he had further insights into the more recent current events.


The one comment he made in reference to our new president was about the Antichrist... he said, "...So if you think you have it all figured out, you're wrong!" :) (The Bible says that the Antichrist will arise from the new re-worked Roman empire, which is Europe.)


It would be helpful to you to read the entire book, as I will be touching on parts but not every word. It is "What in the World Is Going On" by Dr. David Jeremiah. If you don't have the ability to buy it, ask around at church, because somebody may have it for you to borrow. We used it as a Sunday School lesson for weeks, and that is how I became acquainted with it.


The signs are lining up, and just as the Bible says. I used to wonder what it would take for the USA to diminish to the point that we would not be able to defend, protect, and/or help Israel. I can see now how very little that would take, given our current conditions. This book is timely and thought-provoking, and has changed even the way I see my "preps" today.


I will leave this blog as a public blog for now. I may change it to private later, but I'd like everyone who might want to join in this discussion to have the opportunity to see what it's about.







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Thank you Cat for doing this. :)


I just checked at our library and they do not have anything there by, Dr. David Jeremiar, just thought I would check.


Looking forward to reading what else you add in here. :)



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I'm here and paying attention. I have my copy of the book and have been reading in different parts, here and there.


Very interesting so far and as a matter of fact I was surprised to see that he did not follow the popular belief that the antichrist would be a Jew.

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has changed even the way I see my "preps" today.





Haven't got the book. Might try the library too.



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Thanks for doing this Cat. I checked my library and they don't have this particular book. I did request a copy of his book about angels. I'll try our bookstore and see if they have it.

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I'm interested to see what's going to happen in your study, Cat! :D


Steph -- I'm a total dorko. I didn't know that many thought the anti-Christ would be a Jew -- I thought he was supposed to be European. DUH!! LOL All I know is that whichever race or whatever region he's from, I want NOTHING to do with him! :P


How great is our God!!! :) Thank you, Cat, for being in His service while preparing this discussion!

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LOL--I haven't been on my computer for about two weeks...so go figure you started the Bible Study in that time! *headdesk*


I was so excited about this that I listened to the sermons online back in the end of February/beginning of March when it was orginally posted. I ordered the book the next weekend, and I've been reading chapters as I get time. I think about about 2/3rds of the way through. (Not bad for someone who's read two actual books in the last six months!) I even started listening to the Daniel Bible Study that Dr. Jeremiah's doing on Turning Point, 'cause I can listen at night while at my PT job.


I find all of this just fascinating! I really need to start intensively reading my Bible too--there's so much I didn't know--like that Daniel and Revelation weren't the only places that deal with the Rapture and Second Coming. (My little church doesn't go into this stuff.)


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