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homemade chapstick

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I know most of the posts in this thread are older, but I'd like to add my 2 cents worth.


I am an organic skin care formulator and have been making products for years. I encourage you all to make your own, but please don't rush out to sell them. Products must go through stringent testing before selling them to the public to ensure there is no contamination and they remain stable.


I strongly suggest that you google Mabel White to learn more about her background and real name. There are better suppliers out there. I purchase most of my ingredients in quantity or through coops, but there are many reputable suppliers that will sell ingredients in smaller quantities if you can't find them locally. Best to support local sources when possible.


Here are just a few I'd recommend:







It's not a good idea to use left over candle wax. If you can't eat it, why would you put it on your skin?


Here's a basic formula to make a really good lip balm:

20% beeswax

25% solid oils

15% brittle oils

40% liquid oils


You'll find other recipes in the link above.


Always, always, always work in percentages equally 100%. Take notes, date the recipe, number your batches, so you can keep track of changes and problems that may occur, even if you're just making products for yourself.


Here are a couple calculators to help create your formulas:

Percentage Calculator – Converts Volume to Percentages

Batch Size Calculator – Converts Percentages to Weight


As Mother said (love that username, by the way!), herbal infusions are wonderful. I personally prefer the slower version, but in a pinch the quick version (heating) will do.


Hope that helps!!!

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