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Soldier's Dogs Dumped at Shelter


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Recently, two well-behaved yellow labs were turned in to a shelter in Casa Grande, AZ. The story is, they had been in the care of a soldier’s “friend” who had agreed to care for them while the soldier was deployed in the Middle East. But the “friend” said s/he’d developed allergies and could no longer keep them. They were turned in to a kill shelter with a 72-hour holding period.


There’s a big online effort to 1) Identify the soldier, and 2) Find a foster home until the soldier is back stateside. Here’s the complete story:



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No chance they have been microchipped tagged?

Not chipped according to the story. Tags "don't count" in this situation because according to the law of this state, once the dogs have been in another person's custody for 3 days they are the new owners. Soooooooo, when these "people" took the dogs to the shelter, it was considered a voluntary surrender (also according to the story) and they probably (just guessing here) took the tags off or in some other manner hid the identity of the dog's owner. Also, the shelter is not allowed to give out info on the surrendering "owners" due to 'privacy' issues, etc.


Our goal is to get exposure for two beautiful yellow labs that were turned into Pinal County Animal Care and Control in Casa Grande AZ in hopes of reuniting them with their deployed soldier dad. The two dogs, named Wyatt and Storm were turned in to PCACC on July 16th…, 2010. The people that turned them in said they were watching the dogs for their soldier friend that was deployed to Iraq but due to allergies they could no longer watch the dogs. This is all the info we have.


In AZ, if you have a dog for 3 days, that dog is legally considered yours. So these dogs were considered owner surrender to the shelter. Helping Orphaned Hounds was at the shelter on August 21st to rescue some other dogs and noticed Wyatt and Storm. The shelter told us the story about the friend turning the deployed soldiers dogs in. The shelter was overfull and due to space could no longer hold Wyatt and Storm. HOH rescued the dogs. They were not microchipped, no collars, no tags. The only information we know is that the “friends” that turned the dogs into the shelter had to be from Pinal County in order to surrender dogs to them.


We have been told the shelter cannot release the name of the “friend” that turned the dogs into the shelter. We have notified some local vets with no luck. Pinal County is pretty good size so I am sure we missed some vets. The deployed soldier may not even be from Casa Grande where the dogs were relinqushed so we have to spread this far and wide. Someone has to recognize these two dogs. They are very well behaved and they know their names so we believe Wyatt and Storm are their orignal names.


Wyatt and Storm are safe thanks to Boulder Falls Pet Resort for offering to board these two while we search for their dad. Due to the boarding facility’s busy season coming up we have to find a foster home for these two until their soldier dad can be found.


Please share this story…get Wyatt and Storms picture out there in hopes someone recognizes these two beauties. Also if you can foster please email helpingorphanedhounds@gmail.com

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All I can say is "what a 'friend'" With 'friends' like that, who needs enemies...and to turn them over to a kill shelter??? What a dip. Hope the dogs find their rightful owner.

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All I can say is "what a 'friend'" With 'friends' like that, who needs enemies...and to turn them over to a kill shelter??? What a dip. Hope the dogs find their rightful owner.


Right now, I hope they get ANY owner that will/can take of them. It would be so much better to find the soldier that they belong to but first their lives have to be saved or it is all moot.

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The people who dumped the dogs at the shelter lied. No soldier owned these dogs. Im on FB and help out the rescue groups. Some one called the shelter to talk with a person there and it was discovered it was a lie. the dogs will be helped but all the crap these people caused! Why werent they honest in the beginning? Rest assured these dogs wil find a home! They have gotten so much exposure on the local and probably national level. Wanted to let others know of this . If I knew had to share a link i would but I dont know how.

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