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Government shut down


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All of the military families could use some prayers right now. If the shut down happens, our pay will be greatly affected. On the 15th, we would only get half of a paycheck, after that nothing until our budget gets settled. It will tough for my family, but we will make it. I worry about the young families and how it will hurt them. The young soldiers don't make all that much money to begin with and to cut it in half or to take it away will be a huge disaster for them. I know everyone will be paid later, when this is resolved, but that doesn't pay the bills that are due now or put food on the table. I am so sickened by the way our military is being treated.



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I agree that prayers are in order for the military families. I believe that some of the families issues with bills that need to be paid may be covered by the laws that protect soldiers who are serving. However, I'm not sure that everyone knows about the laws. I have heard a bit about some places allowing the families to run up a tab or to write checks that will be held until the funds are there. In the meantime...



:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Carly, I do agree. No matter what, our military and families should be protected. :americanflag: Hopefully, knowing this might happen, some have prepared. We will definitely pray that politics will be put aside for this issue. It seems everybody has to be 'right' at the expense of others. This brings back memories of when my DH was in Vietnam. That was not a fun time, especially with very little support for our troops. It was hard when DH returned and was spit on in the airport as soon as he landed on US soil. It sure wasn't a Texas airport. There at DFW, they received a warm welcome and also when they landed here. This is why we are so appreciative of what the military and families do. :hug3:

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as a wife of a National Guardsman serving in Afghanistan, I can say the shutdown has affected our pay already. Looking at our LES today, 60% of our pay for the 15th of this month is gone to "debt payment". As far as we know, this will be it for income until someone decides we can have it back. Thankfully he will be home in the summer...and thankfully we have enough to get by for a bit and plenty to eat due to my "squirrel" tendencies going into overdrive this past few months...




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Just adding my prayers, watching those on the Hill play politics instead of Do Their Jobs on this budget has got everyone riled up. I don't want to hear about pointing fingers, I want our military who are doing a bang up job get their pay. Their families and finances suffer for this and I see it as totally political and when so many see what the results are in the coming weeks, it will make more even angrier. Not good. I am not sure what will happen to the VAMC clinics, mine told me they shut down but that conflicts with the va.gov page so will see about that come Monday if they pull this stunt to not pay the military and fund VA facilities fully.

This will raise so many folks ire and hurt so many in the military. It will stress all the programs that normally don't even have to assist, so it will push the strain further, as well as many who are dependent.... it can go on and on if they pull this stunt now. The stubbornness is just appalling to me. How long will they do this...... while O just goes on another vacation or two or three? It is bad enough that our best most crucial, fighting on 3 fronts now, and their families suffer...... and yes too many are struggling on that pay, their families suffer, it causes disruptions that are so unnecessary .....

Most of them have no savings... yes, gee, what is there goes to debt?

This will put so many who least deserve it in jeaopardy now....

If it gets further prolonged expect others on the gov't checks to also lose. I mean retirees and disableds . I do see how they can snowball it... because I see no real improvement on the Hill. I hope we get through all this, I really do.

I could care less about someone wanting to go on vacation to a :smiley_shitfan: nat'l park, its the real practical stuff that matters to me.

I wish they would just resolve and compromise and Do Their Job at least half right because our military members and families are going to suffer alot from this if it is not done. :americanflag:

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The so-called "Representatives" and the President and all of his entourage should be the FIRST cut until it's fixed. (Sorry, you'll have to cancel your trip to Williamsburg...!) <_< Take away their credit cards.


This looks more and more like a contrived, deliberate way to divide and anger us all even more. This is the budget they were supposed to do LAST YEAR!



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I remember how my friends who were PFC's and Corporals couldn't make ends meet back in the 90's with a "full" paycheck coming in...


I can't imagine it now.


Our military members and their families will be in my prayers. I sure hope that this works out fast.

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