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A tribute to our Veterans


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By Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos


A veteran's not a rookie.

A vet has paid his dues.

A veteran knows the hell of war

just nuanced in the news.


A veteran loves his country.

With pride he greets its flag.

He stands up straight (still soldier-like) although his shoulders sag.


A veteran knows life's precious.

Old memories make him cry.

He wonders why God let him live

when he watched others die.


A veteran models friendship.

His buddies know he cares.

Although they live twelve states away,

he'll find a way to share.


In Saving Private Ryan,

civilians got to see

the bond this band of brothers feel

when one's in jeopardy.


I've seen what I'm describing.

You see, my dad's a vet.

His brave example makes me proud

of who he is. And yet


my dad's just one of millions

who fought so we'd be free.

Without regard for life or limb

they served us selflessly.


So how can we repay them?

It seems there's just no way,

except perhaps to honor them

with thanks on Veterans' Day.




Copyright 2003 Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos.

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