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I am disgusted


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I got myself a little drink and DH got a small sundae. I am snagging the hot spot at McD's right now.


I am so irritated..a young guy is working the drive through and he has been hacking away for over 20 minutes. Why doesn't the manager send him home? He's coughing all around her and all the other employees and touching every outgoing drink in the drive through. I feel for the guy since they don't give sick pay but he is spreading the germs all over! I am glad he isn't fixing the indoor orders.

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I'm not so nice...I'd tell the manager that I wanted my order handled with gloves because everybody in the kitchen area has been exposed to that cough...the rule says 8 feet all around him, every time he coughs! If they take offense, then I'd take my money home with me and tell everybody in the lobby they've been exposed to someone who's ill! When we accidently run into something like that, we speak up, and pull our disinfectant wipes (from our pockets!) right in front of them, or if they have disinfectant gel on the counter, we squirt some in our hands. Then when we get home we pop a Zicam lozenge. I don't blame ya...I'd be madder than a hornet, not just aggravated. If we don't speak up these employers will continue to allow sick people to work.

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I do believe, I would have eaten somewhere else. Gloves used once can be contaminated in a circumstance like that. . I wonder what a health inspector would have had to say about it. I worry about people without sick pay but that isn't a good enough reason to get everyone else sick.


I have a friend that carries hand sanitizer everywhere and uses it when they leave a store. But, when that friend had Shingles which can give people the chicken pox, they didn't even worry about going into a store and touching everything. And then walking out to the car and using the hand sanitizer.

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Ugh. One good thing about getting older is you tend speak your mind more often. I know I would have said something. I carry hand sanitizer in my car too but that doesn't help much with air born issues like someone coughing in your food or aiming it across the counter in your face. Nasty people.

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I'd mention it to the manager, but I'd also call the health inspector to report that the restaurant had a sick employee working. For myself, I've turned around and walked away when I've seen food handlers who are obviously sick, or food handlers who are not following health and safety guidelines. I once saw an employee at Subway use her long fake fingernails to "cut" the sandwich bread instead of using a knife. I called the manager when I got back to my office, and after talking to her a bit, realized that SHE was the guilty one! My second call was to the health department. And no, she was not wearing gloves either. I get pretty bothered when I see food handlers or money handlers wipe their nose with their hand, or touch my utensils and rims of drinking glasses, even when they aren't sick (that I know of).



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I had to take son to the Urgi-Care center today. He got up and couldn't walk and was in terrible pain. Turns out he has bone spurs. :sigh:


I was dreading going in with a bunch of sick people. Turns out we were the only ones there when we first arrived. They had an entire section in the back of the waiting room sectioned off with a big sign that said, "If you have ANY flu like symptoms Please sit in the back of the room." Three other people came in while we were waiting and they went right back there while the person they were with signed them in. I really appreciated that. They also had two stations set up with tissues, hand sanitizer and a trash can. I was glad to see that too.

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