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How long is chicken broth good for?

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I made some broth about a week ago, put it into sealed canning jars (not canned, just with the white plastic lids) in the fridge, then felt like crap so I never did anything about it. It doesn't smell off or look off, and nothing is growing in any of the jars. As long as I bring it to a rolling boil, it should be fine, right?


ETA: I boiled it good and reduced almost 3 quarts down to 2 ice cube trays, which are now in the freezer. Hope I didn't do that for nothing!

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It should be good. A week in the frig isn't bad. But then, I keep my frig colder than 'recommended' as normal-my meat section freezes. lol. I've left chicken soup in the frig for 2 weeks before turning it into tortilla soup.

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Most any food in the fridge, other than some condiments, is only good for a few days in the fridge. The norm is 3 days.

The fridge only slows down the bacteria growth.

If you could see the rate at which bacteria grows, you may never want to eat again, lol !

I was shocked the first time I took our microbiology study in our Master Food Preserver Course. I could barely eat my lunch ! I wanted to throw up. Honest, my stomach did not feel good after listening to the lecture.

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