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Miles for January 18 - 24, 2015


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Here are some things that count for miles.
These are as you can count them, 1 mile will = one mile.
Biking, swimming, walking, and such.
These will be counted as 1 hour = one mile

:STAIRS: will be down and up 10 times = one mile
These will be counted as 30 minutes = one mile

:lois: weights, jumping rope. :clothesline:shoveler.gif No one around here is doing much of this at all. We don't have nearly as much snow as we should have. Maybe 2 - 3 inches on the ground, usually at least 6 - 12 inches by now. We get a couple and then it settles and then maybe a couple more then the other day, it was in the high 30's.


You will have to be the judge of these. We have been counting 1 hour as a mile, but, sometimes it isn't so. Therefore, I'm letting you be the judge of these. :)


For the week of January 18 - 24, I am saying a total of 47 miles this last week, 22 miles on the bike and treadmill, 25 was on the fitbit. I did a lot more walking than I realized.


Ok, who will be NEXT2.gif ???



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Just started back walking a couple days ago so haven't moved around too much. Hip went out a few days ago and just able to get around last couple of days. So for walking miles I got 3 miles, shopping 2 miles and 1 mile working the garden. Total of 6 miles. Didn't wear my mile counter yet so didn't keep up with around the house. Hope to be more next week.

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