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Ok, this is sort of a rant.


Why do companies feel it is necessary to put perfume in everything? Why!?


MIL got her usual brand of TP, I replaced a roll. The roll smelled like fabreeze and made my eyes and nose start watering, my first thought was maybe the package was next to a scented package at the store. MIL is always chastising me for my sensitivity to soaps and such, so I decided to give it a try and see if it was, as she says, "..all in my head.."


The second time I used it, I felt like running away. 2 hours later, I had diaper rash, :imoksmiley: and had to shower.


Apprehensively, I made a plan, take the roll from my bathroom and secretly switch it with her roll. Taking the roll, I opened the door and she was there, my plan to secretly switch the rolls was foiled. I told her and she sniffed the roll, which caused her to crinkle her nose. We checked the package and sure enough, it said, 'new and improved scent'. MIL has repeatedly told me she has trouble smelling things, but this time she agreed, she could smell it as soon as I had opened the cabinet, and she let me switch rolls.


Earlier, we had gone to the store to get some supplies, including some Bounce, unscented. However, because the store places it next to the scented, it reeked too. 3 days later I could still smell the strong odor, even from 10 yards away.


I had also gone to Goodwill, looking for some 'new' shorts for the summer. I found a couple pair and stored them in the trunk of the car. The next day when we went out, I could smell the laundry detergent. When I washed them with some other stuff to make a full load, the whole load smelled after it was done. I washed them all again, adding baking soda and they still smell. I will have to wash them again before I will be able to wear any of that load.


DH had gotten a package of Whoppers. I ate 2 and had to quit. Obviously, the package was either shipped with or stored with soap. Even DH could taste it.


At home, when the neighborhood does their laundry, the soap smells are horrible. We can smell it in our yard. Needless to say, we have to go back into the house to get out of it.


When we dive/salvage a lot of the clothes and towels we pull out of the water smell. If the scent is too strong, we leave it on the bank for someone else to take. I have learned, sometimes that smell doesn't wash out no matter what I do to try and remove it, even after 6 washes.


It is probably just me being too sensitive to perfumes and scents. Recently, maybe 3 years, something in that industry has changed. There is a scent that hates me, it gives me an instant headache, tightens my lungs, makes my eyes water and I generally start to choke. They are putting it in everything, soaps, shampoos, cream rinses, deodorants, etc. If the sensitivity is only me, then older products which have remained true to their original formula would bother me too, however, older products don't.


I am sorry for the rant, but it annoys me that every thing has to have such a strong smell now days. :sigh: Oh well, I just have to live with it.

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Wow, thanks Twilight.


There is a lot of info there, some of the articles even explain the use of synthetic products that are being used. It explains why a perfume I used for 30 years has changed. My old bottles smell normal and I still use it sparingly and only for special occasions, but when I went to replenish my supply, the manufacturer has changed the formula or put something else in it. When I tested one of the new bottles, it soured on me almost instantly, then would not wash off. I was a mess (headache/allergies) for a couple of days until the smell finally faded and washed off. I've checked many distributers, every one had the 'new' bottles.



Funny you would mention 'conspiracy' Twilight. DH got some hand lotion, it really didn't bother me, other than being a little loud for my taste AND it is labeled unscented. But, when ever he wears it, people are very friendly to him. We did an experiment. One day he went to the hardware store with the lotion on, they were friendly and overly helpful. He came home, showered and went back and they ignored him. He came home, put on the lotion and went back, the associates were all trying to help him. LOL.


After that experiment, when ever he really wants good customer service, he puts on that hand lotion. Works every time. :grinning-smiley-044:

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Perfume to affect the mind I read a novel once about that now what was the name of it.......??


Perfume has never really bothered me until this year....I do but extremely rarely

wear perfume and what I have is maybe 30-40 years old...good stuff! But I want

a choice for washing and drying my clothes..I do not need perfume in my laundry

detergent, and certainly not in the rinse or dryer. I have never used a dryer before

but with the cloudy damp weather we have had for the last 6 months it became a

necessity. I love sun drying ..the fresh outdoor smell.. but the dryer requires something.....

The $ store no longer handles no perfume dryer sheets or detergent (dishes or clothes).

That area of the store is rank with scents as never before.


I could think it would be highly dangerous to our health for perfume in TP.

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I have always been an anti-perfume person, so that rant is right up my alley. I have been told I am a 'permone' person, so that makes sense too.


I do see a trend against the modern perfumed products over the last year or so. One of our 'retired' works, meaning it payed out the restoral costs, and thus been moved to the Paperback shelf, is "A Practical Guide for the Perfumer. 1868", in the Paperback (free) section.


As to removing such smells, if 'Zot' or liquid 'Ivory' does not kill it, it gets trashed.

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