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  1. Um, NOOOOO!!! Did I miss where they had to have permission from the consumer??? Hmmm.
  2. Also, I can't thank you enough for your prayers! I was a mess while he as gone!
  3. We went & picked this handsome guy up last week! This is one of my favourite pics of him!!! It was so amazing to see him! He's been home since Thu evening, & we're all still getting re-acclimated to his presence. It's great, though!!
  4. Continue to pray for Wormie. Today was the Missus' funeral. I have never seen my friend hurt so much.
  5. 4 weeks from TODAY, we get to see our SOLDIER! He broke down on the phone Sunday, & his selfie was not a fun one (as they usually are). I miss him so much, but I know he misses us more, because where he's at makes homesick much worse. Please keep praying for him!
  6. Guys, please pray for Wormie & Mrs Wormie. She has suffered a stroke, & as they can tell, she won't be suffering much longer. Wormie is not in good shape. He loves this woman & has fought for her for so long. Please keep everyone involved in your prayers. I'm hoping to go see them this week & will print out your prayers to take to them.
  7. Guuyyys, he's graduated basic & is now on to AIT! 63 days until we see him, provided the Army doesn't fiddle with graduation!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy9ytc24sky4gpVINPhZeBA
  9. https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/nz-life-leisure/69305038/null
  10. I spoke to my boy on Sun. He said he wasn't feeling well & thought he had a fever. He called Tue. regarding tax stuff & said he had strep & bronchitis & was on 4 different meds. My momma heart!!!
  11. Do you think the newer metal ammo boxes are as "solid" & "protective" as the older ones?
  12. What did you do? Tell it to "SIT! Lay DOWN! ROLL OVER!!" ??
  13. I don't keep acidic stuff past the exp. in tin cans, but I have no problem keeping them in tetra pak. Tomatoes & pumpkin type items eat through the lining of the can. From what I read awhile back, tetra pak was better for that & no BPA.
  14. Thanks, all! I should have said "The Army screwed up again (this wasn't the first time they'd even messed up dates for him- they had also scheduled him for something else on a federal holiday ). I'm no stranger to the military. It's all I've ever known since birth. We have a long history of serving in my family. Having your own kid go in is another ball game, though. I know he'll be fine. It's just momma that's not. He's miserable right now, & while I KNOW he needs the kind of tough love I can no longer give him, I still want to hold him. I also know communication will get better as he gets situated. Bluh! LOL... I'm still looking forward to hugging him again! <3
  15. You guys are the best. He actually was dropped off on the 22nd (The Army screwed up- oops, it's a holiday- ). Both of his flights were cancelled after sitting in an airport ALL day. They put him in a hotel that night, shipped him out the next day. I got his scripted call at 1:32 am of the 24th. We got letters from him today & later a call. I've been in tears a lot again today. I know this too shall pass, but can you guys pray for ME, too? My momma heart is in so many pieces on a roller coaster.
  16. So, today I finally got out & did a survey of our land. We just bought the house in May. I was sick for more than 2 mos this last fall, & have been so busy, unmotivated & sick that I hadn't planned much of anything. We figured out where we want the garden, where we're running fencing, what plants & beds need to go & where we're putting some of our bushes (berries, grapes, etc). I'm also still working on broth, the jerky is finished & jarred, laundry is going & best of all - we started REVIVAL week at church!!!
  17. I'm running a brothel. I have broth ready to be washed & labeled. I have broth ready to be de-ringed. I have broth cooling, in the canner, warming on the stove, cooking in the Instant Pot & bones roasting in the oven. Yup. I'm running a brothel.
  18. Weird to you all or weird to society? LOL! I'll go with maxi pads & tampons, but that's normal around this forum. HAHA!
  19. My middlin' joined the TNANG in June. He had to finish school to be able to ship out. He ships out on the 21st. Please pray for him.
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