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Focusing on the Good


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I can't think about what's going on right now with the the stock market, our preps are so low (been really hard financially the last few years) but at least it's finally got my dh on board with the idea that we NEED to prep (would have been nice if that had happened SOONER :s). Praying things can limp along a little longer :(.


ANYWAY, trying to focus on the GOOD! We're moving in a month, back to the country! Much lower rent, big garden area, can have chickens, hopefully soon goats, and nice neighbours. I've got chickens coming (4 orpingtons, including a roo, 5 rhode island red banties, and a couple silkies) as soon as I can get their coop set up, and hopefully garden will be ready to plant in the spring (doing a back to eden garden). Also we're set to have our car loan payed off by the end of the year! Trying so hard to get out of debt and that's our biggest debt payment so paying that off is so encouraging!


My Orp girls <3post-910-0-65944100-1440459936_thumb.jpg


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:hug3: It looks like things are looking up for you! Hope everything continues that way! I can totally understand not being ready for a financial crisis. Our last 2 moves have been less than kind to us. We're still struggling to recoup from them.


Times like this we have to go full Dory; "Just keep prepping, just keep prepping" ;)


...and Goatlady HAS to have goats!!! ;)


I KNOW right?! LOL Hoping next year. Nigerian dwarfs <3

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