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The Kissing Bug

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Kissing bug spreads to more than half of the United States

Nov 24th 2015 7:57AM
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the bugs, also known as triatomine bugs, have now been reported in more than half of the states, most recently spreading to the south in Georgia and Arizona.

The kissing bug gets its name because it commonly bites people in the face and lips.

Experts say it feeds on human blood, but the bug itself isn't so deadly, but the parasite that causes Chagas disease -- which attacks tissue and muscles in the body -- is deadly.

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The CDC estimates some 8 million people in Mexico, Central America, and South America have the disease -- and most are unaware.

NBC 5 reports that even dogs in Texas have also contracted the bug. About 10 percent of dogs in South Texas animal shelters tested positive for "chagas" disease.

To lower your risk of coming into contact with these bugs you should protect yourself like you would from any other insects by sealing any gaps or holes in your home, purchasing an insect screen and keeping your pets inside often or in clean outdoor areas away from brush.

For more information about the triatomine bug and precautions, read the full report from the CDC.

The CDC has a more in-depth article: http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/chagas/gen_info/vectors/

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I heard about this and it's ......gross. Bad enough when my own cat woke me up sniffing my eyelids and poking her whiskers into my face. [well, I thot it was a spider and woke up flailing about indiscriminately....so she doesn't do that anymore.] :rolleyes:



So it's all the way up to CO ....and HAWAII? Now just how did it get there???? Some new way of plaguing?


MtRider....Ick... :animal0017:

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Thanks Jeeps...we try to keep our Abby-girl well taken care of. The only time she's outside is when she takes her morning walk with her human daddy, playing frisbie, in her own yard/kennel for some fresh air and seldom around other dogs or people. Spoiled? Probably, but she's our "baby girl"! LOL Oh, do they vaccinate or is this like the canine flu...you just treat it "if" it happens?

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All that I've read and heard about it is that there isn't a safe vaccine yet but they are working on it. There are a few that they are doing trial studies on, mostly about how they effect the heart. They are rushing to get a canine vaccine so they can help prevent or treat it in humans.


Spoiled? Abby? :wub:

Naw, just good mom and dad watching after her.

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