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Is There A Dog-tor In The House


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Oh my. You all know how much I love service dog Ethel. Sigh. Well, she and Julia started medical school this year. The hospital where they are training gave her her own security badge.  From the look on her face I’d say she is taking her newest job very seriously too.  Did I mention how much I love that dog! I’m so proud of her. Julia (her service human:008Laughing:) is pretty pawsome too.   Ms. Rodes...:24:




Ms. Rodes.jpg

Service Human.jpg

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It is pretty awesome. Service Dog Project is fully accredited so all of the rights and laws apply to their dogs. They donate all of their Danes free of charge and veterans go to the top of the list. One reason they fought so hard to get and remain accredited is because if a vet (military vet) gets a service dog from an accredited service dog facility, then the military has to pay for the dogs health care.


Ethel wears my heart on her shoulder.



Baby E.jpg

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