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I was making cinnamon rolls. Put the ingredients together and stirred, then realized I used whole wheat flour. Decided to make it the sweet bread rolls. 


It didn’t rise well, I put it in the frig for the night, took it out this morning. It barely doubled its size, I punched it down, and caught a whif of sour!  


It was rising by my sour dough starter. 


HELP! Can I still use it???

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Yes! I have seen several recipes for sourdough cinnamon rolls on Pinterest. I have not tried it yet, but the sweet and sour should be a nice combo!


Maybe save a little bit of the dough and have your own starter. 

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I made that dough into bread sticks. I don’t have the courage to try a taste yet. Maybe tomorrow. 


The cinnamon rolls are for MIL, I just started over, using the right flour, and they turned out fine. 


What I don’t understand is, why the other sweet roll dough soured. It had risen once, punched down and refrigerated. I took it out and put it in a warm place to rise again, so I could make sweet rolls. It took all day to rise 1/2 of what it should have, then, It smelled like beer, sour. 


Oh, and my first ever attempt to make sour dough starter, is in a jar, which was next to the rising dough. Did the sour yeast transfer to my new batch of dough. If so, then is my starter ready to use?  



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I think it likely that your starter colonized its neighboring dough. Sounds like you have an active starter. Time to give it a test run!

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