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My End Has Come

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It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the passing of an era.  Ms. Jeepers Survival has passed her keys on to another. She will no longer be riding through her yard with her hair, and other things, bouncing in the breeze. She has bit the dust and hired a lawn care company. Grass will no longer be growing under her, but perhaps over her.

Jeepers had many good days and a few bad ones. She waited for sixty-four (64, 6-4!) years to have her first grandchild. He was born on the 4th. of July and was a real firecracker. Well, more like a little sparkler. He was pretty little. She was beside herself with joy.

But then tragedy struck home. After all of those years of waiting, 64 of them, Toys-R-Us closed their doors forever right when she was in the height of her glory and eager to buy toys. It was touch and go for a while when she found out her K-Marts were also closing. But then she found Amazon Prime. With free 2 day shipping. She miraculously pulled through that very difficult period in her life. What a little soldier she was.

In many ways the world was her oyster. Which was odd as she was deathly afraid of anything that would be found swimming including little guppies. Yes, she suffered greatly from fishaphobia. But through all of her travails in life she was happy as a clam. Oops.

Many said she had gone to the dogs in her later years. Not because of her love of the dog. No, it was because she found herself in the doghouse quite often. However she did speak fluent Beagle of the A-Rooo dialect.  Also, Dane. Not Danish but rather Great Dane-ish.

She will be missed by many, some, a few her grandson, You-Know-Who and his partner Ted E. Bear. Especially effected will be her next door neighbor Mr. Jimbo Perv. He really enjoyed her bouncing ‘personality’ as she mowed her lawn. He spent many hot, sultry, sweaty summer days ogling, leering, lusting, staring watching out for her in case she needed a helping hand. Yes, Mr. Perv will miss her presence the most.

Her beloved companion Mr. Deere will relocate to Indiana. John will miss her greatly. He truly was the wind beneath her wings butt.

Today she hired a company who will mow her grass from now through eternity. In lieu of flowers Jeepers has asked for donations be made to Victoria’s Secret in honor of Mr. Jimbo Perv. He will need the ‘support’.


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:coffeescreen:      :008Laughing:    :rolleyes:   


.......yes, welcome the lawn care company  :band:  :band2:    Do you think they'll be intimidated by a 6 piece band at their arrival?  ;)  


And a good :fryingpan:  to Mr. Jimbo Perv!!!  


MtRider   :lol:  

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I struggled getting the battery charged up again. My fault, I didn't go out and start it up every couple of days this winter. Then with all this rain the grass was knee high. And my back was screaming at me. My yard is so lumpy and bumpy. I was dreading another summer of Jim gawking at me.


A guy put a flyer on the mail box and I called him. I was just going to have him do it one or two times to tame things down. When he said he'd do it for $30.00 a week I said, "Yes!" 


My yard is big. I was expecting at least $75.00. That's the going rate around here.  I'm happy. 

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