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Liner for Electric Roaster Oven

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I'm wanting to line my 18 qt. electric roaster so the dog food doesn't stick while cooking overnight on 200 degrees. Can I use foil? Anything else? I won't have a rack in it. Just want to make clean up easier. Thanks for any help!

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1 hour ago, Ambergris said:

How about a turkey bag?


I considered that but am not sure about it cooking overnight even if it's a low temp.  200.  Have you used a turkey bag in a roaster?  Not on a rack, though.  Would have to be on the bottom.  I know I could buy them but I think they are $7 or $8.

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Not specifically turkey bags.  I've used a slow cooker liner on high, which is 300, for some hours, and on low, which is about 200, for overnight and to the next evening.  No problem.

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