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Ready, set, here we go.

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OK, here we are in our new home. Now, we need to get things started.

Lets see now, who is doing all the walking and who is doing all the dieting. smile.gif

Remember, you should have a good balanced breakfast to start the day. It is said that what you eat for breakfast is like Gold, what you eat for lunch is silver and what you eat in the evening is lead. So, be sure to start your day with a nice breakfast. smile.gif


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Morning Brigid, good to see you too. smile.gif

Now, you know that chips are NOT good for breakfast. wink.gif Oh well, if that is what you want, guess I can't stop you. wink.gifsmile.gif

Oh yes, we must get back to our walking. Or maybe some of these. arms.gif

Have a great day.



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Thumbs down on the chips Brigid! LOL

Boy, wouldn't it be great if they WERE healthy??

I'm back from my morning walk and feeling great!

I'm tolerating the heat much better this summer. Does anybody remember how I exercised so much last summer I got the shingles??

Well......this year NO PROBLEM!!! Woohoo!!!

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Well if chips are not good how about ice cream? High in calcium........

Let's see .....i walked to the bathroom....to the toaster....to the coffee pot.....etc. Does that count for anything?

man... i've had to edit every message so far.. darn! got my sig to work...forgot to check the box...what-ever!

[This message has been edited by debbielee (edited July 20, 2002).]

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Something ALMOST as good as ice cream is whipped cream (made with Splenda) with sliced almonds and a dash of sugar free Dasani strawberry (or chocolate) syrup!

Something not quite as good as ice cream is cottage cheese with a splash of added cream, some mandarin orange slices, dried cranberries, and chopped pecans.

Then there's the good old standby of BACON and eggs!

You're absolutely correct- breakfast IS the most impt meal of the day. grin.gif




"Sooner or later everyone quotes their mother."

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Glad to see you here Midnightmom. smile.gif I like it when we get new people posting in here too. smile.gif Lets see how many people we can get posting in this forum. smile.gif

Thank you Midnightmom for the ideas of something different than ice cream. I know that has been my BIG downfall. I just love it, and I know I have to cut down and then cut it out all together.



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