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  1. Annarchy

    The Kids in our Neighborhood

    The young boys, (4-7 yrs. old), have come up with a new noisy idea. They have put an empty water bottle on the back tire, wedging it between the tire and the frame, so when the ride their bikes, it makes a lot of noise. I remember my brothers clamping a playing card near the spokes to make noise. 6 in the morning they start riding around the block.... At least it has quieted the little one who constantly rides around whaling like a police car siren... and he’s got that sound down almost perfect.
  2. Annarchy

    New cookbook

    Fantastic! Sounds like you are going to enjoy it.
  3. I was making cinnamon rolls. Put the ingredients together and stirred, then realized I used whole wheat flour. Decided to make it the sweet bread rolls. It didn’t rise well, I put it in the frig for the night, took it out this morning. It barely doubled its size, I punched it down, and caught a whif of sour! It was rising by my sour dough starter. HELP! Can I still use it???
  4. Annarchy

    Bread Help!

    I made that dough into bread sticks. I don’t have the courage to try a taste yet. Maybe tomorrow. The cinnamon rolls are for MIL, I just started over, using the right flour, and they turned out fine. What I don’t understand is, why the other sweet roll dough soured. It had risen once, punched down and refrigerated. I took it out and put it in a warm place to rise again, so I could make sweet rolls. It took all day to rise 1/2 of what it should have, then, It smelled like beer, sour. Oh, and my first ever attempt to make sour dough starter, is in a jar, which was next to the rising dough. Did the sour yeast transfer to my new batch of dough. If so, then is my starter ready to use?
  5. Annarchy

    Raising Chicks and Chicken Feed

    Thanks Cowgirl. What are the ingredients for the fermented feed. The seedling mulberry I bought, over 30 years ago, turned out to be non-fruit bearing. I was so disappointed. DH likes the shade it gives. We feed the wild birds and I give the hens a couple handfuls, twice a day. Otherwise, we keep their feeders full all the time. I met met a man at TSC, that said he raises birds for sale. He recommended, when choosing the food, we should use one that has a higher protein content. What I can find around here is usually around 18 - 20%. Thanks for your information.
  6. Annarchy


    My 5 quart bucket had 2 quarts of water, measured just under 3”. An inch of mud on the carport. It’s going to take a few days to clean up all the debris up. I had to dig a trench, in the back yard, to divert the knee deep water into the alley. It’s a mess out there. Gunny, however, decided it was the greatest thing in the world. He ran circles around the yard, grabbing his balls and tossing them into the air, charging through the water, trying to catch it. Quite a sight to see him lay down, stick his face under the water and blow bubbles, before jumping up and bounding around the yard again. He’s now a muddy mess. The hail lasted about 1/2 hour. I was concerned about our windows. It was coming down very forcefully, so much so, it beat down most the garden. The pumpkin and zucchini leaves are full of holes. This is one of the worst storms I have seen here. I’m not complaining, we desperately needed it. My gardener stopped by, when the water was still high. He said he lost 2 of his chickens the other day also. It was just too hot! And, tomorrow, we can expect high humidity and heat.
  7. Annarchy


    We got rain today! The fire pit is out of sight. And pea sized hail. The ‘river’ almost came into the house.
  8. Annarchy

    Deal on Cheese

    I was surprised to see, WM has 2 lbs. of Great value shredded cheese for $2.00 cheaper than 2 lbs. of block cheese. That was a nice surprise.
  9. Annarchy


    Hot again today, thermometer topped 120*F with storms heading in, increasing the humidity. Sprinkled slightly. Lost a hen yesterday. 115*+ yesterday. She didn’t make it. I put a canvas tarp over part of their coop, sprayed it down and left the hose on drip, keeping it wet. Poor hen. We are keeping the pups inside. BTW, I-10 is closed again tonight, due to another dust storm blowing through our area.
  10. Annarchy

    Sour Dough Starter

    DH helped me add the ingredients, and was excited when it tripled in size, but started asking questions when it fell.
  11. Annarchy

    Sour Dough Starter

    I’ll feed it tomorrow, maybe add milk for the “sour”?
  12. Annarchy

    Sour Dough Starter

    I started with, 1 c flour, a pkg( 2 1/4 tsp of yeast), a pinch of salt and 1 cup of water, (110*-1120*F), and a full Tbsp of honey. It tripled in siz, then fell to below the mark. DH marked the gallon jar. Sour dough= sour milk? Now, it looks like this:
  13. Annarchy

    Sour Dough Starter

    I started it without milk. Should I add some?
  14. Annarchy

    Sour Dough Starter

    Ok, I think I messed up my starter. I used water instead of milk this morning. It doubled in size and fell flat. The bottom portion has less bubbles than the top. Help please....
  15. Annarchy


    Major hard wind and dust storm. Rushed out to cover the washer & dryer. Noticed the tarp coming off the kayaks, got it off and had to take the flag down. The wind is so strong, it pulled out the screws in the mount. Whoosh!!! DH is watching the weather, we wanted to go to the lake tonight again. This type of storm usually blows over and clears the air & sky. He just said, we might get some rain out of it. I’ll believe it when I see it. Congrats on the rain rain in your area MtR. Yup, dry lightening is very very scary here too.
  16. Annarchy


    Wow, you know it’s hot & extremely dry, when a roadrunner comes into the yard for water. It checked out the sparrows for a moment, then headed straight for the bird water dishs. Looked at me once and guzzled water. 109*-112*F today. It’s supposed to be ‘only’ 100 by midnight.
  17. Annarchy


    Happy (Belated) Birthday Miki!
  18. Annarchy

    Sour Dough Starter

    I have a few questions; Potato water? Is it just the water that the potatoes are boiled in? When you pour out 1/2 the mixture, throw it out? Mulch it? Or, can it be used? I have a gallon jar to use for my starter.... hoping to get some growing... it would save us money we need.
  19. Annarchy

    Weight Watchers

    Hmmm, I ‘m doing it the hard way....starve myself. Seriously, I plan a fast, with prayer, for a day, then, ask God to bless the food we eat. I’ve managed to loose 10 lbs. this year. My goal is 10 more pounds, that’s it. God willing. The weight I was at, was playing havoc on my back, in a big way. Walking, sitting, & moving, constantly hurt. After loosing the first 10 lbs. I got some of my energy back and actually have noticed a few days where the back pain had disappeared. I’m really bad at counting calories, eliminating foods, and not eating stuff. I get shakey, headaches and really light headed. DH does too. I put a lot of protein in my diet. Given the choice, I’d rather have cold beef rather than sugar for desert. DH just shakes his head, he’s a chocoholic and a sweet freak.
  20. Annarchy

    Fire in my area

    Oh my. Stay safe, Lady. We have several in AZ going. The air tankers fly overhead and you can see the smoke clouds around the horizon. We’re extremely dry this year, it doesn’t take much to get one going.
  21. Annarchy

    Haven’t been here for a while...

    Dogmom4! I have been missing you. back! Time to get a party going.
  22. Annarchy


    Wow, Ambergris, that’s nuts. Sounds like an HOA type of thing. Congratulations! TheCG, cheers! Went grocery shopping, got everything put up, vacuum sealed and frozen. I’m beat. Haven’t felt well all day, that’s life. Asked a WM employee to help me put a bag of dog food in my cart, she came over and said she couldn’t help because she was pregnant. *Sigh*. Did it myself, very slowly.
  23. Annarchy

    Live PD

    Here we go. Crazy people... how many won’t have a valid drivers license?
  24. Annarchy


    Fresh Pasta Ingredients in these recipes use 1 cup of Italian “00” flour, 1 egg & a little water, if the egg is small. Nonegg pasta uses fine durum wheat semolina flour & water. ¾ cup flour 3 Tbsp water - per person Knead well, let rest 20 minutes before using. I use unbleached flour. The goal is a soft dough, rolled out, then, cut with a knife. Mixes include spinach, beets, cocoa, etc. to add color or flavor. When adding other ingredients, keep the proportions balanced, to keep the mixture from being too wet. For drying, cut the pasta into the shape you want, let it dry on a clean lightly floured cloth, or separated by parchment paper. It can also be frozen, wrapped in plastic or foil. Egg Pasta (4 servings) 3 cups flour 3 medium eggs Pinch of salt Pasta Verde Add 1/3 cup well drained, puréed cook spinach, leave out one egg. Pasta Purpurea Add 4 Tbsp beet juice, leave out one egg. Pasta Arancione Add 4 Tbsp carrot juice, leave out one egg. Pasta Rosa Add 1 ½ Tbsp tomato purée Pasta Di Cioccolato Add 2 Tbsp cocoa powder to basic ingredients. - - - Pappardelle Cut rolled pasta into ¾ inch wide strips Fettuccine Cut rolled pasta into ¼ inch wide strips Tagliatelle Cut rolled pasta onto ¼ wide strips See picture Tagliolini / Tajerin Cut rolled pasta into 1/16 inch wide strips Capellini D’Angelo Cut rolled pasta into 1/32 to 1/16 inch wide strips These 5 types, use well dusted folded sheet of pasta. - - - Maccheroni/ Spaghetti Alla Chitarra Roll out pasta to 1/16 inch thick sheet Cut 1/16 inch wide strips Bigoli Roll out to 1/8 inch thick Cut 1/8 inch wide Lasagne / Raviolo Aperto Cut trimmed oblong pasta into long strips to desired widths

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