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    Awesome Kappydell, making money from scratch. Glad every one is resting, hoping you all feel better quickly. Health changes, scare me, Momo. My health has been up and down all year. I feel great in the mid morning, dragging by the evening and tough to get out of bed in the morning. Ugh! Today, Idid an internet search to find the extra sprinklers. Lowe’s had them, 18 miles away, doable. I pulled weeds from mom’s asparagus bed first. By the time I was done, mom was finally up. I told her I was leaving and took off. Entered Lowe’s through the garden center and searched, nada, nothing, even inside the store in the garden area. Frustrated, I went to customer service and asked, isle 18, in the middle of the store in the plumbing section. Got the sprinkler heads, Hunter PGJ, and the riser spacers, but they didn’t have the metal hose spike attachments. They told me to go back to the garden center. Nada.. even asked the associates .... nope. So.. I headed home, stopping at WM, I needed male/female hose splicing parts. Went in their garden center. Crowds of people loaded with garden supplies and long lines at their checkout lines. No biggie, I went looking for the spikes, found a couple with sprinkler heads attached but no price, so I went into the store looking for a price machine. Saw a Lady at the cosmetics department register and asked for the price. $1.50. Cool! Then I asked if I could check out there, she checked me out and I left, noting that all the people in the garden center checkout lanes were still waiting in line. I headed home, by the time I got less than 1 mile from the house, I realized I forgot the hose splicers. Duh! Turned around and headed back, then thought maybe Target had a garden center, that would cut my travel mileage in half. As I turned on the road leading to the store, I spotted a Dollar General store, and figured it was worth the try if they had it, saving me another 3 miles. Yes indeed, God blessed me, they had them for $1. each, nice! I also found they had a 75 foot non kink hose to replace her old hose that is suffering from heat rot and age. Even better blessing! Got it home and began putting the sprinkler heads together, and replacing the nozzles. Changed gears, and cleaned the gas ports on mom’s stove burners, trimmed an evergreen bush, then, went back to recalculating the hose lengths and spacing needed to cover her whole front yard. Hooked up one and took a lunch break. Mom & I had some of the leftover steak from yesterday. Went back at it and finally finished installing and adjusting the system around 5 pm. Ants and all. Come on, I was working, you’d think they’d understand and NOT crawl up my pants and bite me. I came back in the house and told mom her Mother’s Day present was up and running, including a faucet splitter, so she can have her hose and not have to fight turning the nob 20+ times to turn it on. She says she likes it. I just hope it works well and eliminates my worries that she might fall trying to lug the hose/sprinkler head all over the yard. Finished, done, time to get some sleep. I still need to stop by Lowe’s on the way home and pick up another sprinkler adjustment key I ordered.

    I remember doing that as a kid, Kappydell. Dad would get so upset when the tree wouldn’t fall right. I’m jealous about your asparagus. BTW, full grown asparagus roots average 10 FEET in depth and diameter. I have seeds I want to sprout, but need the area for them to grow properly. MIL’s asparagus is ferning with seeds again this year. Tomorrow I hope to get the grass & weeds out of them. Awwww Miki, hopefully he will be ok. Momo, DH’s longest episode was on a weekend, it lasted 2 days. The doctor taught me a maneuver, rubbing his neck vein, that works to slow the heart down, just don’t do it on both sides or the heart will stop completely. It’s called the vegal maneuver (spelling?). Jeepers, always connect the hot/red wire first. The neutral/black/negative can connect to any grounded metal. So says DH. Also, the gas goes bad after a time and check your spark plug(s). If there’s any black on the ends, an emery board will work to scrape the black carbon off. Most of the time that works. The sprinkler saga continues... I started by looking online for the instructions. Watched the videos and replaced the nozzles. Then went out with the hoses and connected 2, took a break when DH called, and realized I was going backwards. Luckily I was able to reverse my plan and continued. After re-watching the videos and re-reading the instructions I managed to get half of her yard done by the time the repair man got here for mom’s stove. As it turned out, mom’s maid had turned on the oven timer. It wouldn’t start because of it. He showed us how to turn the timer off and it works fine now. He only charged her the service call, since he didn’t need to do any repairs. However, he was very interested in the sprinkler system. Lol I finished installing all the sprinkler heads, turned it on and realized I need two more. Her yard is 50 foot squared. 4 sprinklers miss the center. Thank goodness there is a store, just down the street, that sells them. God willing, I will be able to get the last two tomorrow, instead of waiting until next month to finish. I honestly worry about her trying to lug the hose and sprinkler all around the yard. It is on a rather steep hill and at 87 years old her balance isn’t what it used to be We went to dinner and she insisted on getting the T-bone steaks. Oh my goodness! They were over 2 inches thick!!! I managed to eat 1/4 of mine and brought the rest home, I will make French dip sandwiches tomorrow for our dinner, and be able to freeze the rest for her. We ended the day watching Live PD. I had to laugh, our county officer was with a guy with a sign at an intersection, the sign said, “JUST SMILE”. The officer was holding the sign, talking to the person and waving at traffic. Yup, you guessed it, made me smile too, as people drove past honking, smiling and waving. Time to get some sleep. ?
  3. Busy, busy, busy...

    Hi Becca_Anne! It’s wonderful to see you again! Yeah, that warning was my bane. Moving the site from self hosted, to the provider, made all the difference in the world. The server we were on was shared with other domains and old, needing to be upgraded, but the server provider wanted all the domains to pay full price to move to a “new” server ($1,000’s each !). If any of the other sites on that server had issues, it caused the warning on our site. I was on the phone with them almost every 2 weeks. Believe me, I don’t miss having to deal with them anymore. It’s so nice seeing people come back. Looking forward to hearing how thing are with you & yours, and getting MrsS more active.

    Oh, Ambergris, the repair man called yesterday and seemed to know that it might be the electric light switch. He told mom it’s common and he has a spare. We shall see when he gets here today. Momo, that story sounds frightening to me. My mind would have been racing through all the “what if’s” the could happen. I suppose, hindsight makes it humorous. I am very glad your DH was able to help. I told my DH, when I need a mobile chair, I want one with ATV wheels and power, lol. Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen. Yesterday, I picked up one Lady & we switched drivers at the next house, to go to the meeting at the Community College Culinary Arts department. They served us a Mediterranean meal and we presented the scholarship and a plaque to the young lady who received it. She was almost in tears. The Lady that drove, took side streets to get to the other side of town. She took scenic drive and went through the historical part of town. I spent the whole time gazing out the window listening to the other ladies talk. It was nice to watch the view instead of dealing with traffic. Today, I am getting ready to get to it. I have to set up mom’s sprinkler system. I need to measure the hoses to make sure I have enough length and then go to the store to get male/female hose ends. If you hear me scream, it’ll mean I watered myself. I’ve had a little problem adjusting the spray radius with the ones at home. The adventure begins..... Mt_Rider, I hope your parents get well soon and things get back to ‘normal’. Jeepers, the hoopla they are pulling on you sounds horrible. I don’t think I would have the patience you have. How’s your DH today, Miki? I hope he’s better. Keeping you all in my prayers. Hoping everyone is having a blessed day.
  5. DH in hospital

    Still keeping you both in my
  6. What are you canning today? Part 8

    Way to go, Lady! When I get back home, I need to can the carrots and beets. They need to be harvested before they get too old/pithy.

    Good luck with the dentist, praying it’s something easy to fix/clean. Snow still, OOTO, wow. DH’s heart has been fixed with a med that stops the extremely fast beat he gets occasionally. Makes me anxious when it gets up above 180 bpm. It was an uneventful trip to TX. The (new to us) car drove great. It has a hiccup in the cruse control, it only wanted to set at 80. Lol, most of the traffic was definitely going faster. Got to see one of the cars that whizzed past me, get pulled over. Oops. Traffic was ok until I hit rush hour traffic in the city. Then, someone explain to me, why people drive 10-15 mph under the limit in the fast lane, really?!!! Please change lanes, please. All the cars going into the right lane scares me when they zip past and attempt to get around them. I’ve seen 18 wheelers not see them and cause them to drive off the highway almost causing an accident. *Sigh* Mom has our itenary tomorrow picking up 3 other Ladies for our CoC meeting. It’s going to be at the college culinary arts center. Yeah, no, I don’t really like chicken with cranberry sauce. We shall see, sweet meats don’t do it for me. The smell in the car wasn’t as bad as it has been. After a few hundred miles I went noseblind, PTL. Maybe the Ladies won’t notice tomorrow. Our gardener friend went out of his way to make sure I had the sprinkler system for mom. We tipped him good for his efforts. He drove to his nursery and got the wholesale prices. Hopefully I won’t spray the whole neighborhood before I get them set properly. Lol, I did that in our yard and called him saying, “ HELP”. He got a good laugh out of it. Hi Daylily! Nice to see you dropping in, hope all is well with you and yours. Hows it all going Mt_R? Dad ok now? Mom’s oven wouldn’t lite, so she’s got a call into the repair people. I don’t do anything that deals with gas. Sorry, I got blown across a room once, nope, scares me badly. Gimme electrical and I am good.... So, I used her toaster oven and made what she wanted to bake. Unfortunately, it did take an extra hour for dinner. Well it is time to get some sleep, my window is open and I am hoping that it cools down overnight. 76* and perpetual hot flashes isn’t conducive. Hoping everyone has a blessed evening.

    Medicaid is hospitalization, Medicare is doctor office & prescription coverage. However, they require supplemental coverage. Mt-Rider, hopefully the fire is out and your parents get well quickly. Hi Daylily. Miki, maybe it will be something simple for your DH. That’s a cute pup, Kappy. When we first moved in our home, we were infested with ticks. It was a constant battle. 10 years without a dog did the trick. Hopefully, you’ll be able to rid your pups of them. We2, sound like you are getting a lot done on your home. Messed up about the car wreck. Spent the day cleaning the car. Dog hair everywhere, then, vacuumed out the 2 boxes of baking soda I spread all over the interior a few days ago to try to get the perfume smell out. It still smells, but not as bad. Then, washed it, checked the fluids and filled it up. Checked the SHTF packs and tools. And packed, before making dinner-leftover baked chicken, chicken salad sandwiches. Time to get some sleep.
  9. Pacemaker Needed

    Wow! they can find & fix the problem quickly.
  10. Breads

    Today, I made bollio bread, but it came out too brown and cooked too long. http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/mexican-bolillos-crusty-oval-rolls-12298 I followed the recipe to the letter, sort of. I use all purpose unbleached flour, no corn starch glaze, it made the crust even thicker. Maybe my oven thermometer is off. IDK. 425* for 30-35 min. I took them out at 25 min. And covered them in butter, then, put them in ziplock bags. Still, they are over done. Any suggestions how to make them light and fresh, like the store bought?

    I am so excited for you. Looking forward to hearing how they turnout. ?

    Definitely yes, mulch and straw, also to help with water retention.

    Oh! Thanks Jeepers, that explains why I get my SSD on the 3rd Wednesday each month. They never gave me anything like that explaining it. So, DH will get his on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Nice. Today, I began prepping for my trip to TX next Wednesday (Ha! SSD payday). Lol. Now you all know why I go when I go. Lol Anyway, I am still trying to kill the odor in the car, got mail, got some supplies, and decided dinner was going to be steak and potatoes. Made some apple empanadas and bollio bread. See this thread: The wind was rushing through most of the day. MIL called saying it was bad in TX too. We barely got to 70* by 1pm. By 3 pm we made it to the mid 70’s. Forecasters are saying this will be the last of the spring weather, low temps for the weekend then, back up. More wind to come with the weather changes.

    Awwww, We2. I may have planted my seed potatoes too late. Go figure. I may have gotten a represe, with the cooler weather that has pushed through. I have no idea, I am hoping they will still have enough time to grow before the real heat sets in. The ones that grew from eyes, 2 of 6 have sprouted and seem to be doing good so far. Seems that root crops are my best attempt.
  15. Dog Day Out

    We took the dogs to the lake. They had a great time. Gunny decided to be a ‘rock hound’. The Palo Verde trees are in bloom. Got to see an eagle, too high for a good picture, and we had a visitor at the area we were in.

    Unscented dryer sheets is what I've always been told. Just strew them about inside and shut it up for a day or 2, and they absorb the smell. ThNks a million, TheCG, I’ll try anything. It’s really strong.

    I-10 is closed... miles of backed up traffic.

    Wow, Jeepers, that’s nuts. I went to the doc to renew my back meds, and I wanted a printout of my visit. I keep them JIC. They put down on the report that my complaint was an headache. I went in today and gave them a angry rash of verbal abuse. I get evaluated by SSD and they always want to know if I’ve seen the doctor for my back. “Yes I have on such & such date, but if the doc reports say “headache” SSD isn’t going to believe me. Really?!! I never said anything about a headache. Plus, the facility called me yesterday and said they needed to see me, because of my lab results. Really?!? I didn’t have any lab work done. “Oh, just a moment. “ he says, comes back and said it was my vitals. Really? I looked at them. Yeah, my heart rate was 104 & bp 100/69. Not a big deal, I had just finished doing yard work all morning. Isn’t that expected? Cardio workout. And, I was anxious cause they said they were going to give me a shot and I would have to wait an half an hour before I could leave. plus, I asked them, “Will I be seeing my primary care doctor? They replied, “No, he’s not here anymore.” I asked who I’d be seeing and they said another doctor. I called my insurance company this morning and asked if that doctor was part of their plan, nope. She said if I go to the appointment I would have to pay the whole bill. She sent me a list of doctors I can use. And my regular doctor is on the list and listed at that facility. Really? They said he isn’t there anymore. I’m thinking I will call my insurance company and report that. Sounds hinky to me. There’s a lot more to that story, I’m not gonna talk about. Anyway, clear skies above and brown skies everywhere else. Windy....WHOOOSH! Gusting in the 50-60 mph. The news will probably have something on the dust storms blowing through central AZ. Didn't do much today because of the wind. Watered the lawn this morning and staked up the tomatoes. Oh, and put baking soda in the, (new to us) car to try to get the smell out of it, then sprayed Ozium in it. Someone overused smelly stuff in it. Yuk! Nasty loud smell. Gave DH a headache yesterday. IDK what else to do. I want to take it to TX this month. I doubt if any of the Ladies will mind, but I am hyper sensitive to smells and perfumes. Time me to get back at it.
  19. Dog Day Out

    He loves his water duck toy. We found it at the river, it has a water bottle inside, which I filled up with cork. (Nontoxic & it floats.)
  20. Dog Day Out

    No, not quite. He got a deep voice, a mix between a bear growl and an air horn, almost like a hound dog. BRuuuuuufff.... lol. 125 lbs of hound dog... Amazing resemblance.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Hound
  21. Dog Day Out

    Yes Ma’am. Mr. Gunny on top of the world, with his duck. Lol Grrr wasn’t very enthusiastic. He wanted ‘luvin’ more than swimming.
  22. What Do You Do About Expired OTC Meds?

    Aspirin goes bad? Tylenol doesn’t? How about ibuprofen? I use up Bandaids, they never have a chance to go ‘bad’. The first aid kit contains gauze pads & med tapes instead. I don’t like the really sticky bandaids, I get a reaction if I have to wear one more than a couple of days, and alcohol doesn’t get all the sticky stuff off my skin. I’m always looking for the ‘sensitive’ ones. Time to freshen our first aid kit....
  23. Read and see if it is enlightening...

    Could be right.... maybe.... maybe not...... How’s that for an answer? It does explain a lot in regards to biases. Yes, I have mine too. However, like the article suggests, I do research history on both sides of the isle, and, I also hold to some of my biases, regardless of the facts, and sometimes, those facts have given me a complete different perspective, but, I include the notion, they can believe what they want. As DH frequently says, “You can’t change the world.”

    Watched dawn break today, then got at it. Measured and remeasured, marking my cuts. Changed the blade and cut. I guess finger tight + 1/8th turn is different than someone stronger than me. Lol. The blade stopped, again, 3/4 of the way through. I tightened it more and it finally worked right. Sanded with 80 and 120 grain. Used the leaf blower to clean all the sawdust out. Doing laundry today to try to get a head start on the weekend. Forecast says 40-60 mph winds starting tomorrow evening, in front of a cold front coming in from the coast. Supposedly, the temps are supposed to drop down 20 degrees. DH wants to take the dogs to the lake tomorrow, trying to beat the wind and cool off. The puppies need a good soak to help us remove their undercoat from winter. It’s been a bear cleaning all the fur floating around the house. Fills the vacuum 3 times a week. Such is life in the desert. Dinner tonight... DH is having left over Chinese. I’m doing a salad: lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese; from the garden: spinach leaves, beet leaves, celery, onion, Chinese garlic, carrots, fava beans, a little bit of the oxalis that grows wild, and an egg from the chickens, and some black walnuts the neighbor gave me, with vinegar & olive oil dressing. Numnumnum......I really like salad. Time to get back at it, watering the lawn and DH wants to watch a movie tonight, Tad the Explorer II, if he can get the Dragon Box to show it. Sometimes it works great sometimes it glitches. Technology, go figure. Lol

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