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    quilting, reading, fishing, gardening and food preservation

    I've got 7 pints of chicken meat in broth in the canner right now and come morning I'm canning up 7 pounds of asparagus I've been blessed with.
  2. What are you canning today? Part 8

    Canned 12 pints of homemade chili con carne, 12 pints of spiced cucumber chunks, and have an old rooster simmering in crock pot to make into chicken soup this evening to can up tomorrow.
  3. Walmart matching competors prices!

    They do here in Kansas. The Walmart here has sold me fresh fruit on sale with "membership card required: as well as 10/$10.00 advertisements.... Guess it just depends on your location.
  4. For what this is worth... Walmart will match competetors prices! Take in sales papers from local competetors and walmart will match their sales and parices. I save omilk sales, frozen snack sales, etc. last week I saved over 10.00 on milk and pizzas alone.
  5. Gardening mistakes...

    I can speak from experience on this blooper..... DO NOT plant melons anywhere near yer cucumber vines, LOL. You get wonderful watermelons and canteloupes ... they look good, smell good and taste like CUCUMBERS! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Twila's blooper!
  6. I was wondering...

    Twila is daydreaming about this fall gathering and remembering the FIRST Mrs.S> get together in 2000!
  7. What are you canning today? Part 8

    Yesterday I canned 11 quarts of spaghetti sauce with buffalo meat, 4 quarts dill pickle spears, 2 quarts dill pickle chunks, and 3 pints hamburger chip dill pickles,& 1 pint baby Kosher dills. Also 9 quarts of Bread & Butter pickles, 1 pint green beans and 1 pint green beans with corn. Today I am canning chicken meat and a rich, seasoned Chicken broth for the food pantry. Am in the process of inventoring the pantry to see what I need to buy at the store.

    Its a Beautiful morning in Kansas... taking a few minutes break before I attack the garden again... darn sweet corns about to get away from me! Just wanted to drop off some homemade cinnamon rolls and Ice tea for everyone and say hello.
  9. GOTCHA! Grain-Mill!

    I've got the old standard hand cranked grain mill from my Y2K days.LOL but hey it works great!
  10. What are you canning today? Part 8

    SWEET CORN & zucchini are getting canned today.
  11. The time to take a stand is now

    I believe in freedon of religion, but not when it's put in my face! They need to build the mosque somewhere else! I was a half hour from the city on 911 and believe me it wasn't pretty... I looked in the face of a 14 year old child who lost EVERY member of her family at the trade center that day...her face still haunts me!
  12. Guns on your tax return?

    Now Trip is being very sociable, for Trip! LOL They aint getting my guns without a fight ..... my ancestors fought for their rights in the revolutionary war and didnt give up their guns .... ya think i'm gonna let em have mine> NOT HAPPENING.
  13. Golly I've sure missed you guys! Who'da thunk a foriegner would be able to challenge our heritage and apparently be somewhat successful
  14. Dear Beverly and Family, You are all in my prayers during this most devestating and trying time. May the lord surround you all with angels and keep you safe in his loving arms. twi
  15. This is twilap"s daughter

    Thank You all for your Prayers. They have really cheered my Mom up so much. She's had her last chemo treatment and the doctors say her prognosis looks fairly good. She misses you all and sends her love to each and everyone of you. raelynn

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