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    I'm sure they will be in shock for a long time to come. Like PTSD shock. I feel so bad for them. Was anyone else living at "A's house?
  2. Glad you waited on the car repair too. You would have been worrying about it the whole time when you needed to concentrate on yourself. Mine is getting older too 2005 so I can expect expensive repairs to pop up before long. Annarchy, are you able to stay at your MIL house or are you in a hotel? I'm sure you being there has lifted her spirits a lot. I'm getting ready to go to the fruit/veggie market. The last fruit I got at the grocery store was beyond awful. I should have known better but it "looked" so good. Uh-huh. Then a stop at Old Time Pottery...finally. Maybe they will have a growing container I'm looking for. I've looked every place else except Petsmart. Only because I haven't passed by one yet. I get something in my mind then not satisfied til I find it. It looks like storms are going to start moving in today. We sure don't need more rain. I'd better get a move on.
  3. Prayers for a smooth move! Your pictures are lovely. I lost it when they played Taps at my B-I-L service. I have one of his bullet casings too.Also the round metal US pin they wore in the army. I think on their dress hat. I still have my F-I-L and my grandpa's dog tags.Sigh. Oh, and my D-ex pin on name tag from the Air Force.I guess X didn't want any of it. Maybe my son will some day. I need one of those triangle boxes to display my grandpa's flag in. Sheesh, I sound sentimental but I'm really not.
  4. That's an awesome video on human engineuity (sp).
  5. Oh you know I'm going to end up on the floor numerous times. Just hope I go off to the side and not head first. I think I'll take it to Indy and let son air it up. He has a small air compressor. If that is too strong...he has muscles. I'd like to use it here but, whatever. I see a lot of pregnant women gently bouncing on them too.
  6. Jeepers


    On my. Do you know what kind of car it was? It looks like an older Jeep Liberty. Yikes. Looks like a meth lab explosion. I'm sure your MIL appreciates you greatly. You are so good to her. Don't over stress yourself.
  7. I'll take a better look at the pump when I go over again. I asked the owners if it as a working pump and they said it was just for decoration. I suppose it could be real. It's nearly by the front door.
  8. Jeepers

    My End Has Come

    I struggled getting the battery charged up again. My fault, I didn't go out and start it up every couple of days this winter. Then with all this rain the grass was knee high. And my back was screaming at me. My yard is so lumpy and bumpy. I was dreading another summer of Jim gawking at me. A guy put a flyer on the mail box and I called him. I was just going to have him do it one or two times to tame things down. When he said he'd do it for $30.00 a week I said, "Yes!" My yard is big. I was expecting at least $75.00. That's the going rate around here. I'm happy.
  9. As far as the other house, it will "mostly" be set up before I move. I've made about four trips over there with the Jeep loaded down. Assuming there is power, I already have a fridge full of Gatorade and water. Also some heat and eat food in the cabinet. Son and DIL goes out there every weekend to mow. All of my canning equipment is over there except extra jars. I need to get some over there now. Short term goals for out there; I already told my son that I'm coming over in 3 weeks to go furniture shopping. DIL knows some less expensive furniture stores over there that we are going to. I want to look at bedroom, living room and maybe dinning room sets. I just need the big pieces. I have the accent pieces already. If there is 'just' a power outage, I can always stay at sons house. We are with different electric companies so hopefully one or the other is on. If it's an EMP then I'm stuck. I have a small first aid kit there but I need to get some of my more important things over there without stripping out this house in case I'm stuck over here. I suppose I'm most concerned about water. Wish I had a hand pump. Funny thing is, there is one in the front yard by the house but it's just for decoration. Next trip I need more water, more meds, canning jars and furniture. Also some of my oil lamps. I bought some solar radios last month and I'll take them over and set them in a window too. Oh, and some solar outdoor lights. I can set them on the deck during the day and bring them in at night. I have clothes, kitchen ware, some bedding and toiletries there. Good exercise Mother. All suggestions appreciated!
  10. It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the passing of an era. Ms. Jeepers Survival has passed her keys on to another. She will no longer be riding through her yard with her hair, and other things, bouncing in the breeze. She has bit the dust and hired a lawn care company. Grass will no longer be growing under her, but perhaps over her. Jeepers had many good days and a few bad ones. She waited for sixty-four (64, 6-4!) years to have her first grandchild. He was born on the 4th. of July and was a real firecracker. Well, more like a little sparkler. He was pretty little. She was beside herself with joy. But then tragedy struck home. After all of those years of waiting, 64 of them, Toys-R-Us closed their doors forever right when she was in the height of her glory and eager to buy toys. It was touch and go for a while when she found out her K-Marts were also closing. But then she found Amazon Prime. With free 2 day shipping. She miraculously pulled through that very difficult period in her life. What a little soldier she was. In many ways the world was her oyster. Which was odd as she was deathly afraid of anything that would be found swimming including little guppies. Yes, she suffered greatly from fishaphobia. But through all of her travails in life she was happy as a clam. Oops. Many said she had gone to the dogs in her later years. Not because of her love of the dog. No, it was because she found herself in the doghouse quite often. However she did speak fluent Beagle of the A-Rooo dialect. Also, Dane. Not Danish but rather Great Dane-ish. She will be missed by many, some, a few her grandson, You-Know-Who and his partner Ted E. Bear. Especially effected will be her next door neighbor Mr. Jimbo Perv. He really enjoyed her bouncing ‘personality’ as she mowed her lawn. He spent many hot, sultry, sweaty summer days ogling, leering, lusting, staring watching out for her in case she needed a helping hand. Yes, Mr. Perv will miss her presence the most. Her beloved companion Mr. Deere will relocate to Indiana. John will miss her greatly. He truly was the wind beneath her wings butt. Today she hired a company who will mow her grass from now through eternity. In lieu of flowers Jeepers has asked for donations be made to Victoria’s Secret in honor of Mr. Jimbo Perv. He will need the ‘support’.
  11. Some times things just feels eerie. TheCG talked about buying pants and I was just getting ready to start shopping for some too. I found some jeans today at Wally World. Then she mentioned her wrist and just last night I was looking up wrist and forearm pain. While out shopping I stopped Barns and Nobel and picked up a book about bee keeping. I got home and Out Of The Ordinary mentioned a book titled, "The Keeper of the Bees." There was something else but I can't remember now. While I was out shopping I picked up one of those big exercise balls. I've been eying them for awhile. I think leaning over one would really feel good on my back. Its still in the box so I wonder how you are supposed to inflate it. I probably should had thought about that while still at the store. Bicycle pump? I surly don't have to blow it up! Looks good We2. Prayers for you tomorrow. THANK YOU TWILIGHT! I've heard of that but totally forgot about it. I'll definitely try it. LOL Mt. Rider.
  12. Jeepers


    What a strange thing to happen. Your poor MIL must have been scared out of her wits. Thank God she is okay...at least physically. Oh my, what could have been...
  13. To be honest it scares me. When I was just a couple of years younger I thought I had most of it figured out. Time has not necessarily been good to me. My plan was to get a house outside the city and have a well and septic. And a fireplace. Then get a couple of solar panels for a few lights, a fan and a tabletop fridge. Also, a portable ice maker. Those are the important things to me to make my life comfortable. One story house with a basement would be great too. Then reality set in. Not only were those things not available to me in the area I needed to be (close to son) but if they were, there is no way I could afford it. Not even close. So over the last year I've been compromising. I'm going with what I can afford and working around whatever I can. I got an acre with a house that has one story. I will work with that. It doesn't have a fireplace but i don't really care for a fireplace anyway. The one I have here leaks cold air like a sieve even with an insert. In a about four years when g' son is out of the playroom area, I'd like to add on to the room and add a wood burning stove. it's really just a room you walk through but if it was a little bigger it could make a nice sitting room. In the meantime I can plan for a woodshed and maybe even start gathering wood. I have a good well but with no power to pump it...no water. So my long term plan is to find out how the electrical parts work to see if a generator can be used and more importantly, see if I can get a hand pump installed. Septic is gravity fed as long as there is water to flush the toilets. That's where a small swimming pool (for g' son) could help. At least in the summer. I'm not above having a bucket in the second garage with a load of sawdust handy. That's my long term plan. Short term is to continue to gather supplies like medical and food to sustain me in case I'm stuck there for a long period of time. As for the basement. Looks like I'm out of luck on that one.
  14. What a lovely view she has. Ugh TheCG, that's what I need to do this week. I need jeans. I'm at that awkward stage. Regulars are too long and petites are too short. I think I might be getting shorter.
  15. Well, you're in the right place. Most of us here are aging and finding new challenges too. Next year I think the majority of my garden will be in some sort of containers. As Mother said come join us in the Golden Years thread. And of course all of the other threads too. Glad you are here and hope your health is much improved.
  16. I have plenty of hair. It really needs cut too. I thought of putting those little spiked fences around some of them but the deer are so tall they probably wouldn't even notice them. It would have to be five foot tall. Probably have the city on me with those things in the front yard. The thing is, the guy who put them in last year said they were deer proof. I looked them up and they are. Except at my house. They just pull them up and don't even eat them. They just fling them in the driveway. WHY??? Thorny bushes? They pulled up my barberry.
  17. Wow Homesteader, that is huge! Awesome job. Yeah We2, moving isn't any fun. At least you will be moving local with a big strong man to help you. Trying to look on the bright side. It finally stopped raining for today. Not sure about the rest of the week. Even if it doesn't rain the rest of the week of will still be too wet to do anything outside. I really need to replace some shrubs. The deer pulls them up and leaves them in the driveway. I'm not sure what will deter them. Human urine? I'm not above....never mind. TMI. I didn't do much today. Took a load to a dumpster and two bags to the Salvation Army. Swung by Wendy's for a baked tater and a chili. And a frosty. And a lemonade for later.
  18. Back pain really puts you out of commission. Even worse when you can't reach it. Don't know what an H-Bomb but I'm glad you got some relief! It is still raining here. Everything in the ground is swimming. This has to be one of the wettest springs here. Every place really. The grass is so high but so is everyone else's. I got another kitchen cabinet cleaned out and packed up last night. It was a small one but at least its done. I also got half of the lazy Susan cleaned out. This kitchen has a lot of cabinets. More cabinet space = more stuff to fill them with. Thirty years worth of stuff.
  19. Lovely pictures Dogmom. The colors are so bright and vivid.
  20. Raining here too. My mailbox is leaning way over but it's too wet to go out and straighten it up and add.more dirt. Everything is flooded. We2, when I need to check the circuit breakers and I'm alone, I plug in the vacuum cleaner and turn it on and go down to the basement and start flipping the breakers. When I don't hear the vacuum cleaner any more I figure I got the right one.
  21. Shoot, you can give them access to come right in your house and put your groceries away while you are at work.
  22. I'm so sorry for your loss We2. Very sweet song Virginia.
  23. I'll check into the different locking systems. I do have a keyless pad on my garage door here. It came with the garage door opener. Neither son not I could e we figure out how to program it. It runs on battery so you'd have to make sure the battery was charged for it to work. Son and DIL had a keyless system on their door and hated it. They took it off. I can't remember what their issue was. I'll ask them.
  24. Crimony, I thought I posted this a few.days ago and just now found It still in the Kindle. Sigh. Thank you Mother. I am. I'm in Ohio now and all of the sudden (it seemed) my son and husband up and left. It didn't really happen like that but it feels like it now. Anyway, about the time I decided to get a smaller place here, son got married and a year later had my grandson. In Indiana. It only made sense to move over there. I have no family here but I do in Indiana. I finally found a house in Indy that I could afford and could work with. Now I have a two story house with a basement, two attics and a garage that I've been living in for 30 years and it is stuffed full of stuff to go through. I'm soon to be 67 and have a bad back and neck and too stubborn to ask for help. Maybe stubborn isn't the correct word. I've lived alone so long and depended on myself that I don't expect help. There is a lesson in there somewhere! I do really appreciate the best wishes and support I get here though. Son says how much the baby misses and wants his grandma and I feel guilty that I'm not moving faster. DIL doesn't say anything but I know she is thinking what the heck my delay is. My Ex (who lives out west and happens to still be my best friend) keeps asking why I'm not moved yet and why I'm not moving faster. He thinks I should hire a dumpster and pitch everything and start over and let the house here go for what ever someone is willing to offer. Seriously. That makes me angry, guilty and stressful. I fire back but I'm still left with my feelings. I am doing the best I can. It will all work out in the end I know. But the happy journey is more like a solo trek.
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