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Time Flies ~ Or Drags ~ Or Something

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I noticed the clocks in my house did a strange thing this past week. I have 3 clocks in the family room and 2 in my bedroom. I know, overkill.


In the family room (AKA F.R.) I have 3 because the each serve a different purpose. One is on the wall and big so it serves as a decoration and I can see the time from the F.R. and kitchen. It's battery operated. Another one is on the right side table and is very illuminated . It also stays on the radio station I like. The other one on the left side table is a small battery operated one that tells the time/date/day/inside temperature. It's handy for the day and date. Yep, sometimes I have to look up what day it is. I live alone so unless I have an appointment, it usually doesn't matter. Wednesday and Thursday often confuse me.


My bedroom has the same clock as the electric one in the F.R. I use it for the time and alarm and illumination. Then, I got another one (different kind) because it has the option to preset radio buttons and can switch easily from AM to FM. It's electric too.


Are you still with me. Wouldn't blame you if you aren't.


What happened is the little multi-purpose battery clock in the F.R. lost 2hr. 04mi. The battery didn't die. It's still running fine. Also the battery clock on the wall stopped running all together. I put a new one in in Jan. but they always last over a year.


One of the electric clocks in the bedroom (radio) has lost 14 min. The two up there are plugged into the same power strip.


The clock (electric) in son's old bedroom is stuck at 12:00 but not flashing

The clock (electric) in the spare bedroom is fine.


The computer, microwave and stove clocks are doing just fine.


So out of 10 clocks, two battery and three electric all read different times. And 5 are unchanged. I'm counting microwave, stove and computer.


If our power even blinks here for a fraction of a second the stove and microwave will shut off and blink until you reset them. They are fine.


Some of them are radio controlled or atomic clocks or whatever they are called now so even if the power went off, they are supposed to reset themselves.


I have no idea what went on. Tomorrow I'm going to reset everything and change out the batteries to see if anything changes again.

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We expect you to write a story of your time travel trip down in Fireside, Jeepers. 


LOL....love time travel stories .....tell us the next chapter at least. That seems like too many clock malfunctions to be a normal event!!! 


MtRider  :scratchhead:

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I suspect you got a 'bad batch' of batteries.  I see that from time to time.  The voltage is good, but the amp-hour is not.  I have seen some 'brand name' go 'flat'.  That includes the 'copper top's.  We go through a lot of batteries with our EAC  (Emergency Action Center) equipment.  Frankly is not worth it to buy the 'brands' any more for standard or alkaline.  Family Dollar 24 count AA for $5 do just as well.  Ni-cads we zap and recharge. 

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