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  1. got your wonderful ornament windmorn love it and it is hanging on the tree now
  2. gofish got yours today it is really cute thank you
  3. Catwrangla your made it to me today and is really pretty thanks
  4. mine went out today hope they all arrive in one peice I got mine from Becca-Anne, Snowmom, Andrea, and Lumabean this weekend they are all wonderful
  5. have everything but my boxes to ship sitting on my desk need to put final touches on them and find boxes and packing to prevent breakage hopefully this weekend
  6. am rereading the drums of autumn which is book 4 in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, also reading out of LDS preparedness manual,and making the best of basics have nuclear war survival to start when done with one of the manuals and the next 2 of the Outlander series ready as i finish up this one
  7. well hello how are you and how are things with you? glad to see you
  8. adding prayers from my family for yours at this time and for as long as you need them
  9. the kids and i went to an Irish pub style restaurant and then went to Barnes and Nobles for books then on the way home picked up a cheesecake for desert it was nice and simple which made it perfect Thanks for all the well wishes
  10. nana offering you hugs and prayers so sorry you had to join the widow club that it seems several of us belong to i think and feel that Darlene gave you the best answer
  11. trudy your super cute little guy got here today snowmom got yours yesterday
  12. got Christy's and mommato3boys in today love them need to get a tree or garland up to hang them on
  13. i received Becca's and LindaLou's today Thank you they are wonderful and like Linda I love to see what everyone shares Thanks again
  14. mine are on their way they left here monday the 14th though they are not true ornaments hope you all like them
  15. bumping this so Denana can see some of the ornaments sent for previous swaps
  16. adding my prayers for you and her family
  17. mine arrived in a bright box full of smiles like this one and was full of things to make me smile a pretty little magnet some turkish angel hair bubbles(scented even) a windsock and a pinwheel for on the garden with seeds for flowers, punch balloons for me and the kids to destress with, needles, beads fat quarters, and books and a treat for the puppy and kitties of the house Thank You Mirta the gifts are all great.
  18. you are right snowmom I am still waiting I think if I read the thread right everyone else has gotten theirs hopefully the one sending to me has sent it and just forgot to post or something silly has happened with it in the mail system
  19. Thanks everyone here have a piece of cake it is chocolate with chocolate frosting and hershy kisses on top one of my neighbors dropped it off this morning along with knitted slippers for my birthday she makes it the old fashioned way no mixes and it is yummy. I am going to a concert tomorrow night( Charlie Daniels Band) with a freind then Sat. going to dinner with the kids so I am spreading the party out just a little bit so we get to enjoy it longer
  20. wish i was closer and could help you out, don't know if we have anyone in that area off hand that is LDS
  21. the raceways that are on the mug are the Bonneville Salt Flats that are in the same county as I live and have been used for racing for years the film about the worlds fastest indian was filmed at and about the flats that is so cool that your town is nicknamed salt city for the mining and the candles from Salt Lake are for the Lake glad you liked the jewelry it was fun making it for you
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