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  1. I am working on mine hope to be done in time for mailing date wish i could be better organized with my crafting supplies some days it seems they are scattered all over the house .
  2. i joined in early 06 or late 05 not sure exactly but started reading in 05 i voted on the 06 year though as i think it is closer to when i actually signed up and started posting
  3. I am in western utah in a small town within an hours drive of a large city
  4. Arby they are open Sat. but will be closed mon. for Colombus Day the Sat. hours are shorter my post office is open from 8:30 to 10:30 on weekends yours will probably be different
  5. maggies new site is http://frugalabundance.com
  6. adding my prayers and hugs to all the others
  7. I am so sorry Jewlzm my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time
  8. Thank you forthe prayers they have brought comfort as we have dealt with the funeral and have started dealing with all the paperwork that we are having to do at this time there has been a workers comp investigation because he was in the semi, osha ahas also investigated as well as a mandatory autopsy as he died without being under medical care and unexpectedly, we are waiting on the autopsy report still and are applying for social security benefits at this time after the life insurance gets here we will be dealing with the mortgage company as we intend to pay off the house so that we don't n
  9. i got mine in the mail on the 4th it was a bright spot in my day thank you MomM for the work you put into it
  10. I would greatly appreciate any prayers that any of you are willing to send up in behalf of my children and myself as we lost our husband and father this morning from a heart attack
  11. out of these 2 i would prefer the star if possible. thanks for joining us
  12. dogmom it was received today thank you the gourds are really neat now to keep them away from the 5 yr old snd the kitties
  13. i am in as well and think i already know what i am going to make will have to see how the tester comes out
  14. adding my hugs and love and support at this time and no it is not cold to feel relief that they are out of pain and in a better place after they have suffered so much in illness
  15. nope snowmom i think looking through the thread there are 3 of us still waiting to recieve but not sure if there are others
  16. they are fun to make i have added bells inside some for little kids as well so when they roll them or toss them they jingle and make it fun for the little ones
  17. freight is picking up a bit hopefully will continue to pick up and keep them all real busy so budgets and get a break from being squeezed to death to make a penny cover a dimes worth of stuff
  18. my package is on its way to its new home sent priority so should be there friday or saturday
  19. adding finishing touches to mine so will ship mon or tues. at the deadline sorry partner things just got away from me this time
  20. welcome back Dianna was wondering how you and Paul was doing so glad to hear from you
  21. instead of slats i have put a couple of layers of stiff heavy interfacing in mine makes it easier to clean between seasons as i use it in the summer spring and fall for yardwork and reenacting activities
  22. sounds like fun snowmom so i will throw my name in the hat to snd something to someone else
  23. my elephant is on her way hopefully she will be to her new home by mon.
  24. mine is boxed and awaiting postage to be sent sorry partner yours will be a bit late getting to you
  25. ok i got mine this morning in it was an elephant a very cute ty beanie elephant a partial bag of peanuts a book called the kitchen companion a couple of spiral notebooks,and a stuffed M&M as well as a laundry hamper that folds up into a nice little sqaure thank you so much Michael and Lori it was a wonderful way to have my morning brightened up today
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