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  1. I think it's less that people are more cynical than that the media has become less trustworthy. Cynicism is about our ability to trust. I think what we're dealing with is that the media has managed to prove themselves untrustworthy. Or perhaps the media has always been that way but with the many means of communication now open to the average person we can now see that they're telling stories rather than reporting news. But think of how the news is reported now... it's had to become exciting to appeal to viewers.. maybe as viewers, we've changed the media from reporting the news, to
  2. This can be really neat. Plus helpful. Real time lightning map. http://www.lightningmaps.org/blitzortung/america/index.php?lang=en
  3. My answer is "more".. no matter what you have the answer is "more"
  4. My thought was growing stevia and then drying it so that you can add it to the tea as it brews to make sweet teas.. rather than grinding it to stir in like a sugar. Honey - get an ice cream shovel if it's in a large container. You know the ice cream scoops that are flat not the round ones. They're STRONG and you can scoop crystallized honey from a bucket with those.
  5. "appliances" 1 waterbath canner 2 tall pressure canner 3 pressure canner 4 hand crank grain mill 5 ice chest 6 ice chest 7 good lg whisk 8 good sm whisk 9 heavy wooden spoon 10 bucket and plunger "washing machine"
  6. Kitchen Tools 1-3 - cast iron, 2 12 in. skillets, 1 8in skillets 4- chef's knife 5 - best carving knife 6 - can opener 7 - colander 8 - measuring spoons 9 - gravy shaker 10 - lg stainless steel pot And this tells me that I really need a better can opener in the camping gear.
  7. I would do it. I often use some apple sauce to fill in a batch. Just did it with apricot and you can't tell. But the blackberries with raspberries would be good.
  8. Can I tweak this a bit? I have a trailer for camping gear that is always packed. It could be hooked up almost as fast as everyone could get loaded up. So I'd like my lists to be things to pull from the house to go along with what I have out there. Because that's what I need to think through. So like I don't need dishes or pots from the house because those are in camping gear.. but I'd need to grab my cast iron skillets among other things. Or is that too far outside the parameters? If so then I won't post more on it.
  9. Seeing stuff floating around now saying that as long as your doc writes the script so that you can get generics and such you can still get the basic med and delivery for much cheaper.. just not name brand.
  10. Deflation is a reduction in the amount of money in circulation typically causing depression and falling prices. A depression is a correction period following an inflation (an increase in the amount of money in circulation causing money to lose it's value and so prices rise). Really great book if you want plain easy to understand economics "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy" by Richard Mayberry https://www.amazon.com/Whatever-Happened-Explanation-Economics-Investments/dp/0942617649/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472017888&sr=8-1&keywords=whatever+happened+to+penny+candy
  11. I wonder though. Statistics show that kids are safer now than they were when I was growing up. I wonder how much of the danger is the perception because now we know what happens to people from all over rather than mostly our town and nearby towns. And I think this applies to a lot of things. Anytime anyone claims that something is horrible and is pandemic but objectively you're mostly either hearing about the same event over and over and over ad nauseum.. or you hear about only a few events that are quite dispersed. I think in a lot of cases the accessibility of the internet and they hyp
  12. Now fires in Oregon... man caused.. sounds like they suspect arson.. what?!?!?! is wrong with people?
  13. Some things like the Autistic person may be something that could be kept in a computer file so that when dispatch pulls up the info on the house, they'll get that info. I don't know what may be allowed in the files but it's something to find out about.. that would help you the same as the signs without the dangers of predators also seeing the signs. Or at least way less chance.
  14. While I was signed up for both so I followed the link to keep from getting doubled up
  15. Be careful to check how much it costs and what you'd get... even with 3 of us needing glasses it's cheaper to pay out of pocket for every 2 year eye exams and glasses (love zenni optical) than it would be to pay every month for vision coverage.
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