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  1. The red bud syrup was actually a failed attempt at making jelly. LOL We use it on muffins, pancakes, ice cream, you name it. It's really good with a delicate flavor. And yes, he is definitely a keeper!!!
  2. Hubby was busy this weekend canning! He managed to can 2 dozen quart jars of beef, a dozen quart jars of pork, and I don't know how many jelly jars we got but he carmelized then canned 9 lbs of vidalia onions. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh yeah, he also did a small batch (about 10 lbs) of applesauce. It was his first try at applesauce and he did a good job on it. Had some unexpected stuff come up or he would have made a batch of mint jell too. He made some red bud syrup and jelly last weekend. Maybe next weekend we'll get to the mint jelly. Trying to gear up for the coming tomatoe season this summer.
  3. Haven't looked at it yet, but just "bought" it. I'll take it for free! Never know, might have something in there we need. Thanks for posting the link!!
  4. Okay, had a tick and pulled it off successfully. It was intact, head and all, no parts were left behind. No red ring has shown up or anything like that as of yet. (it's only been 4-5 days since pulling it off) But, the site where it was it itching like crazy!!!! There is a small "lump" at the site too. Should I be concerned and is there anything I can do for the itching? I've tried hydrocortison cream and nothing. Help!
  5. CLee

    Got my wheel

    Congrats on your wheel! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it. Do you know if you have a local guild to join? They can be a great resource and lots of fun too. I love my Minstrel and love spinning. It's so relaxing and soothing. Although I have to be careful what kind of music I listen to when spinning, if it is too upbeat I get going too fast with my wheel and my spinning kinda gets away form me sometimes.
  6. Awwww, hope they can figure it out. I'm a doxie person myself, just love the breed. We have one who seems to always know when you aren't feeling good and sticks with that person too. I have fibro myself so he tends to be with me a lot. Always seemed to know when I was/am going to get migraines too - he seemed to "bird dog" me and I finally figured it out that it happened prior to me getting migraines.
  7. Miki, so sorry to hear about Bud. Sun morning our beagle rescu that we've had for a year had a seizure. Scared the heck out of us! It lasted about a minute and she came out of it okay. She took it really easy most of the day and by late afternoon/evening she was back to being her normal self. We let her take things ate her own pace that day and have been keeping a close eye on her since. Hoping she doesn't have any more but if she does we'll have her checked at the vet. Was good to read some of the info posted here for you, I'll keep it in mind for Angel.
  8. Glad your friend is okay! Will add my prayers to everyone else's.
  9. CLee

    Baby woes

    Our commissary here doesn't carry the Nutramigen and we're talking with them to see if they can get it in for us. Even if we had to buy a case at a time for them to special order it every 2 weeks or once a month, however often she goes through it. She's finally starting to put on some weight which is a big help. She has had such a hard time regulating her body temp and still does, but we can see some progress there. We're hoping that will also get a little better as the weather warms too. I just never thought I'd be going through the sleep deprivation for my grandchild same as I did for my kids! LOL Oh well, it will make for some good stories when she gets older.
  10. CLee

    Baby woes

    Unfortunately being military, they don't give samples in the clinics. Forgive my stupidity, but what is gripe water? Might be willing to give that a try if it will help! Having a fussy night tonight. Sure will be nice to get here settled down for good with a formula and to have her be "normal" again.
  11. I feel bad posting because so many other have problems worse than ours, but it's been a rough few weeks for us. Our daughter had her baby on Jan 20. What a blessing and a sweetheart. She was a low birth weight baby (5 lbs, 5 oz), full term, not a preemie, just small. She's had some challenges due to being small and we've been dealing with them. The past 2-3 weeks we've been dealing with formula intolerences. ugh We've gone through projectile vomiting, poopy diapers that were basically green water and ran out the diapers and had to go straight to the tub and wash everything she was laying/sitting on, you name it. We went from Similac, to Enfamil, to soy and now she seems to have settled down on Nutramigen. Of course she would settle on that, it's expensive. We'll find a way to afford it because we have to since it's all she can handle. Our daughter is signed up with Enfamil for coupons from them, I called with a question on the Nutramigen and they are sending me coupons as well, we're going to have our friends and family sign up for coupons for us too. Poor baby was sooooooo fussy and in pain with gas and all. I've been going to bed at 7-8 at night and getting up at midnight to take over with Jamie. Our daughter has been handling the first shift with her and hands her over at midnight and then sleeps when I take over. We both take naps whenever we can during the day giving each other breaks here and there. On top of that we're handling 4 dogs, all the housework, laundry, etc. Man it takes it out of ya! We are blessed that otherwise Jamie seems to be a healthy, happy baby now that we are getting things under control with her formula. She's starting to settle down to where she doesn't have to be held all the time due to pain from gas and I might actually start getting the house clean again. Which really needs to happen soon here since our son is getting married Easter Sunday and we are being invaded by family for the wedding. All I know is I better have some sleep by then or I can't be held responsible for things I say to my in-laws. Okay, I'm done whining. It's past my bedtime and I need to get off to bed or I'll never stay awake in the morning with Jamie. Carrie Lee
  12. Thanks! I've been wanting something like this and been too lazy to make my own.
  13. Yes, grands are the best! Sure are having fun having her around for now. She'll be leaving in a few months when her husband comes home from deployment. House sure will feel empty then. My best friend's daughter just found out she is pregnant last month. Between my grandbaby and hers it's nice having little ones to knit for again. I've done a lot of charity knitting, but it's different when you know who it's going to, ya know?! I've never used elastic in my socks. You may want to play around with your stitch count for cast on, that can make a difference in how well they stay up too. Sometimes it's finding that magic number for you. My husband likes his socks really tight and I like mine a little looser. Make some test socks to play around with that as well.
  14. Would love to see that top! Might be one to put on my long "to do" list. I hope to get the time this year to knit this sweater for my mom for her birthday in Dec - Buttercup Sweater Since they live in FL she can wear it a majority of the year. I was showing her some sweaters on Ravelry when visitng them last year and she liked this one.
  15. Congrats Arby! Our daughter had her baby and I've been busy here. Had to make some covers for the baby bed she bought since Jamie was only 5 lbs, 5 ounces. It's kind of like a Moses basket type thing. She'll be in that until Mandi feels comfortable letting her sleep in the crib in the next room and until she's going longer between bottles. Right now she's wanting to go anywhere from 1-2.5 hours between feedings. She's full term and is just fine, just a small baby. Since she is small she needs help keeping her body temp regulated. Well, store bought socks swallow her so it's a good thing "Grammy Lee" knows how to knit socks! I've been knitting little socks for her to help keep her little tootsies warm. They are the only socks that stay on too. I've gone through all the scraps I had on hand and can't really afford to buy a bunch of full size skeins for 1/2 ounce for different socks for her. I found a few listings on Etsy for mini-skeins that will work. Found one that the lady had 10 different skeins in the sale all in rainbow colors so Jamie will have socks for just about any outfit whe wears now. Can't wait to get the yarn to get knitting again! Can't wait to get back into some sort of routine here. I know it will take a little bit for Jamie to hit a routine and then hoepfully we'll be able to hit a routine too.
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