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Lowlander what is Marmite and what are the uses for it?

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Marmite is definitely an acquired taste! People either love it or they hate it. I love it. It has a very strong taste, and is made from yeast extract, along with salt, vegetable extract, nicacin, thiamin,spice extracts, riboflavin, folic acid, celery extract, vitamin B12. It is a highly processed food, but I think it's quite good for you! The best way to eat it is on hot buttered toast. Some people eat it in a sandwich as well. i sometimes put in a dollop for a soup stock, or into a stew or similar. Hubby quite likes it, but the children aren't keen. In Australia, they call it Veggiemite, and it's the same thing. If they don't sell if over there, I could sned you a wee jar in the post for you to try! Let me know if you would like some!

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Hey....remember that post when Lowie first joined.....it had all those cool foods from England/Scotland (bashed nips..nieps....nipes) and what was it MM introduced from Canada.....Moose nose pate???

CartMoose.gif Send Lowie some of that!



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My friends from Australia sent some Veggamite to me..ugh...it is definitely an acquired taste. Kinda like a B vitamin but worse....So, I told this to an online friend in NZ and he said the Austrailian stuff was rotten and sent me Marmite and well, it tasted the same to me! LOL

Hoping they don't serve it to me when I visit next month. (-: But as a former missionary,I've eaten worse.

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