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Someone on the site shared with me an idea that we could put into the first manual that makes some very sound sense to me.


Their thought was that perhaps we could start the manual out describing the types of disasters that we could face...We could talk about each type of disaster and whether or not the scenario would dictate that we stay in place or flee. Some thoughts of potential threats might include a nuke attack, a tornado, a possible pandemic, hurricane, chemical terrorism, bilogical terrorism, etc.


I personally think this would be a great way to start the manual out...reminding people of the different scenarios that we could honestly face, right down to economic threats and the like. I think that if people are put in a position to open their eyes and really think about what's going on in the world around us, that they can also learn to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


Watcha think?


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I hate to admit this -as someone who lives just off the Gulf Coast -honestly I never thought beyond running to the store when they say a cat. 4 Hurricane is heading this way and scrambling for the last few batteries ,candles, and bit of canned food. (I have all boys and 2 are teens -there is never any extra food around -and I do not want to be stuck in the house with them for days without plenty of food!!!)


I was researching a new site and looking at cookbooks & back to basic type things and the woman from the site mentioned using a book to make up her preparedness plan (Making the Best of Basics) -I had never thought of this before - honestly! -

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Start with the 3 days worth,food, water and extras such as, flashlight etc for your bugout bags one for each of you. then expand to a week for the storage food, then 2 weeks etc. Figure out if you have a water source, or must you store it in barrels, how will you cook, heat an area of your home or shelter.

there are lists on this site for bugout bags contents which you can adjust to your needs. Don't forget meds both OTC and perscription.

Copies of all your important documents, such as birth certificates.

Your 3 days food for your bugout bag should be as light weight as possible, but don't forget water a minimun of 2 quarts per day per person.


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First of all, you are not alone, many of us found ourselves in the same predicament you feel you are in at the moment...*oh my gosh, if something bad happened, how would I in various ways, take care of my family?...I am SO NOT prepared!...


Getting prepared is a DOABLE thing, you will find tons of helpful and useful information if you do various searches on the site. I know that it feels very overwhelming at the moment but take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and start to read the wealth of information that we have shared here that has helped us build provisions for the troubled times ahead.


Not too long ago, another lady shared along similar lines as you have...she was new, she wasn't prepared, money was tight, she didn't know what to do, she felt panic, and some of the ladies here took her by the hand and gave her a few suggestions on how to get started...her recent posts show a little more calmness and understanding, and she's not so overwhelmed because she is learning how to stock up, slowly and affordably. Here's the link, so that you can get an idea of how some of us first started our preps:


Beginning Preparations


Please know that nothing thrills us more than to share what we've learned over the years, so don't be afraid to ask any questions you might have...as they say, the only stupid question is the one not asked.


Most of all, welcome to MrsSurvival! It's such a pleasure and honor to have you part of our online home.

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Found this awhile ago. I am going to have all the material on hand and practice before I need the information. thought I would share. I put this page in my loose leaf notebook now so I don't have to fumble to find it if needed.


Make Your Own Water Filter


You can turn muddy water into clear water by putting it through a number of layers that filter out the impurities. this is similar to the first step that our tap water goes through at a treatment station.


What You Need:


2-Liter plastic pop bottle & lid


Cotton Batting

Gravel (large and small)

Sand (large grain and fine)

Coffee filter


Muddy Water


What To Do:


Cut the bottom off the pop bottle. Poke a hole in the bottle's lid, just large enough to fit the straw. Put the straw through the hole. Turn the bottle upside down and rest it in the mouth of the jar.

In the bottle, place a layer of cotton batting followed by layers of fine-grain sand, large-grain sand, small gravel and large gravel. Cut the coffee filter so it fits across the top of the bottle and place it on top of the gravel.

Pour muddy water into the open end of the bottle and let the water seep down through the filter layers.

It is strongly recomended that you still add 4-8 drops of chlorine to every gallon of water filtered just to make sure the water is purified.




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If you could place some activated charcoal in, on top of the cotton batting if would also add a layer of purification. This is practical if you are sheltering in place. In some emergencies we simply use what is at hand, cloth sand what ever we can use to puify. Probably all of us should add a vial of clorox to our B O B's

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how about shut down of trucking and bad storms where food is grown.....looks like Florida orange juice will sky rocket in price........quarrentine of towns and then just general unrest in towns and those that live in the country being cut off.......electric shut down or brown outs.......economic uphevel and uncertainity....no jobs or illnesses..no paychecks...take care and keep the faith

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