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There is no way I will ever believe that prayers aren't heard, well the good Lord heard all the prayers for the 557th Red Horse Squadron on June 11th. My son is the rear Gunner for convoys. Explosives Ordinace Disposal said they were hit by 125 mm Russian artillary rounds, the way he described it is a stick of dynamite is 1 pound, they were hit with 5 each- 3 hummers bit the dust, my son was in the third one. God in his loving mercy spared all of our boys in those three hummers. My son has a concussion and bruises, there were a lot of bruises, scratches, a few stitches but nothing serious. Everyone walked away to get in another truck. Just 3 more months and he'll be home. Alex said that the rest of the convoy circled around their hummers to give protection, thinking they were going to be pulling out bodies,everyone was really shocked that no one died. Once my son got out of the mangled piece of metal that was all that was left of his truck he took 3 steps and fell to his knees thanking God for looking out for him and his buds. When he opened his eyes there was a lot of other soldiers in the same position. He told me it made him feel good to see so many not ashamed to pray. I'm so proud of him I could burst, and I can't quit praying as I walk just like I did with his first tour, the only difference is I'm also saying thank you Lord an awful lot. :usaflag2: praying

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Karen, I just came to this post and I am so thankful that God saw fit to shelter the service people.


Yes, God does answer prayers, sometimes with an answer we like/want and other times with one we don't like/want. But, He always answers our prayers.





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I am so grateful that God kept my son and all his buds safe and is looking after them so well.I have a picture of his Hummer after the explosion but I Don't know how to post it here.. Alex says all their bags of stuff were in the rear and caught all the schrapnel.

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