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Storing 'TANG'

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Some nice American chaps on e-bay are giving me the opportunity to purchase 'TANG' drink powder for our preps. Can anyone tell me the shelf life I can expect from this before I blow twenty quid ?



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I always thought Tang had the same lifespan as Twinkies, at least 100 years, but realistically it should last for a few years if you keep it in a vacuum-sealed container so it is not exposed to moisture and the air.


I don't know if the original Tang containers are sufficient for long-term storage.



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Never really lasts long enough around here to conduct a true test, but I should think it would keep for several years as long as its kept dry. If you want to keep it for a LOOOOONG time (like 10 years) I would put it in a mason jar and vaccum seal it. That would insure that no moisture got in and it will stay "fresh"

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I do know that a number of my LDS friends store it as a sorce of vitamins and break up the mundane water. I've heard as long as 3 yrs in air tight.

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