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  1. Okay, so its been a little while since I've been here and everything looks different. What happened to the "new posts" I used to be able to click on to see whats been happening since the last time I checked in? I tried "unread content" but just got messages that someone had responded to someone else's question.
  2. I'm embarrassed to admit it because I know the odds are astronomical, but yes I did. This is the first time I've ever bought a lottery ticket in my whole life. I'd love to win just a little - heck, I'd be thrilled with $100.
  3. Kappy - you should write a book and include pictures and detailed info!! I'm fairly new to foraging and would love a good reference book. Do you know of something like this for the southeastern part of the country?
  4. We do this quite often. Whenever we smoke meat on the smoker, we lay blocks of cheese on foil, smoke till they start to melt a little, take them off to cool, then smoke them until they start to melt again. We do this 3 - 4 times and the results are FANTASTIC! So delicious!!! We usually do cheddar and mozzarella. The cheese is so good on a sandwich or the "Flipz" crackers!
  5. That's awesome! I usually make pear preserves from our trees, but we got ZERO pears this year. Had a bumper crop last year, so still have plenty of preserves left, but this year we got nothing. My grandmother always said when God blesses you with a bumper crop, preserve all you can because the next year might be slim pickins!
  6. Thanks, Momo! You might want to check out www.checkout51.com and www.savingstar.com . Both offer different rebates on grocery items each week. You upload your receipt and they give you the rebate. You can choose how you wish to get the money - check, deposit to account, etc. When you combine a good price, coupons, and a rebate, you can really get some good deals. The Savingstar site offers something free each week - reimburses the total price of the item.
  7. Some really creative ideas! Love the animal feeder!
  8. Yes it IS nice! I can't tell you how many times I've told hubby, "I'm so glad you're handy!" It has saved us a ton of money on both house and car repairs!
  9. Actually, this is not a bad idea! Would make sure my child knows how to use the things in it, I case she ends up alone (heaven forbid!).
  10. Hmmmm... never heard of this, but sounds promising! I may have to experiment tonight!!
  11. We got those in the mail too! Stupid question....are they part of Obamacare, or something else? We already have a prescription program with our health insurance company and was wondering why we got those too.....and with instructions to give them out to friends and family. ?????
  12. Okay, I downloaded the free app on my PC...tried to download the book and got a message that the app is not registered under my email address. What do I do? sorry if this is a dumb question.
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