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I am wondering if it would be ok to start a prayer list. Each person could add their people to the list. This way we know where to look for those who are in need of prayer, those who are in the service for our country.


I'll put down these:


My nephew's son, Jerry , even though he has not been sent out yet. He may not even go, but he is in the Army National Guard. He could be called out but before he is, there are several other ahead of his unit to go.


Please add your own people here.



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I would like to post the names of the POWs, who have been taken now.


Chiel Warrant Officer David S. Williams

Chief WArrent Officer Ronald D. Young

Army Spc. Joseph Hudson

Army Spc. Patrick Miller

Army Spc. Shoshana Johnson

Supply truck driver Edgar Hernandez

Army Sgt. James Riley


Also for their families and the families of those who were shot.




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Kabo49 ... a computer expert going back to Kuwait to help with more computer problems that come up. He's been home for 2 months after being over there for a year. He leaves at the end of March to go back there.

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I think we should make an update post on our loved ones at war. My friend Rick is still in Iraq, his tour has been extended until this coming Fall. He has been away from his wife and family since March 2003. They very much want to start thier family soon. Please continue to keep him in prayer.


There a song on Christian radio by Mark Schultz called "Letters from War". Have you heard it??


It's a tear jerker and everytime we hear it played we are prompted to pray for Rick, his safety and homecoming.


The chorus goes something like this...


You are good,

You are brave,

What a father you'll be some day

Make it home,

Make it safe,

Everynight I write here and pray


Mare, thank you for your heart in this forum. I really appreciate that this is still here...Many of us still have loved ones over there and we very much enjoy the positive uplifting posts you share!



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My niece, Angel and her fiancee, Scott are both back in the states now. They are getting married Sept 25th. Scott is expecting to have to go back, though. Angel is furthering her education right now. Her twin sister Star eloped a short time ago. Said she had no intention of contributing to the consumer spending spree.

Angel and Scott will be living in texas.

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My sisters eldest son Adam is back in Ca safely.....not sure for how long.

My hubby's sisters son Nathan is stateside and heading home in September.....


Those of us that had/have loved ones serving in the miliary are very grateful for any and all prayers said on thier behalf! Thank you !

And Thank you Mare for your deep concern!:kiss:

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I have great news! My friend Rick is now on US soil and will be home very soon. He's looking forward to being with his wife, family and friends! Also he is looking forward to being a civilian once again after a very lengthy tour of duty in Iraq. Hopefully he will not have to return.


Thank you for your prayers!

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