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Hi- I would like to add my cousin Matthew to the list. He is in the Guard and flew out for Kuwait last Friday. After some settling in time there, he will most likely go to Iraq. I would appreciate all of the prayers we could get out there for him!! I would also like to add that I will definately be praying for all of your loved ones!! Actually, I have been!! I've reviewed this post several times without replying!! Thank you and God Bless!!

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My nephew, Lt. Cmmdr. Matthew Foster with the U.S. Navy will be shipping to Iraq in May. Please remember Matt and his wife, Lisa and their children, Mattison and Garrett. Thank you so much.

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Am reading through this thread for Memorial Day and wondered how many of these men and women have rotated home yet? And do we have any new service people over there that are in need of special prayer? I know I have three on the list now:


1. Son Jerry - Army (been in 9 years now) - overseas

2. Son's best friend - John Kellaher (his third tour Iraq)- Army

3. Brother - Michael - Navy (re-upped at 45 lol...was in the first go round with Iran in the 70's and now a grandpa x3)- JAX



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I just read some of this thread. Wow, so many have gone and are there! My son is a Lt in the USMC, but its his fiance, probably wife soon, that will go. His name is Josh M ( Mac), and hers is Penny. My son suffered a non combat related neck injury and will get a medical discharge in the next few months. Maybe sooner. Not sure. They do keep him busy at Quantico though. Penny is now at Camp Lejeune and will probably be going to Iraq soon. I pray for all of you, military and family and friends. I am a veteran, US Navy, aviation, was a parachute rigger, so safety and survival have always interested me, as well as the explorers and pioneers of yesteryear. Having read actual journals of the Gold Rush wagon train travellers some years back, I think they also were against the odds alot of times, and respect them as much as I respect our troops today. All of them teach me things !

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All those who suffer...at home and abroad. "Father, in our Savior's name...we speak their names to You and ask for safe passage wherever they may be in YOUR world. Their names are written on the palm of Your hand, and not one sparrow goes un-noticed to Your watchful eye! Amen!"

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For all the veterans who have to walk through the stew of VA hospitals and active duty with war wounds both physical and mentally-TBI-emotionally PTSD injured, and for all active duty in harms way and yes, their families. Thankyou.


For those just trying to keep body, family, budgets, childcare and such together in their daily lives at home bases as well, life is frustrating, we all know, they are on some pretty snug budgets and a lot of extra requirements. I remember how it was. For the military spouses and the children yearning for military member of family to come home safe and for all of you who are military moms and dads. Thankyou.


My son's half ( full brothers as far as we are concerned, twins) Michael and Matthew, who serve currently, and his wife who is truly his other half, just as she drives the busy streets and deals with her responsibilities that wear her out. Thankyou.

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Still feeling my way around and hope I am putting this in the right place since it is a prayer list. And yes I love that God is in the mix here. 

I feel a great need to pray for our country, our troops and our president. Yes, I do know he is not the best but with the 2020 election and the left pulling what they are pulling I really feel we need to pray for Donald Trump. I have always felt that God put him in office for a reason and so far from what I have learned in Rev. God had put Trump in office to do his work. Things are lining up and this country if it does not repent is going to become a third world nation or worse. 

I hope I am not offending anyone by asking for prayer for our president and our vice president as well. But things are really looking grim all around the world right now and seeing no end in site at this time. Also just want to say that we also need to be praying for the coruption in our govenment to be bought out to the suface and delt with properly. 

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A friend of mine is being treated for a pressure sore.  Those things, if you don't detect them and dig deep and clean them out, they will tunnel under what looks like healthy tissue and rot a person's flesh invisibly from the inside.  This is what killed Chris Reeve, who played Superman.  If the mark on the outside had been ugly enough, maybe Chris Reeve would have been treated in time.



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