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Ambergris,  Praying for your friend's pressure sore to be healed. I have had friends that had those problems.  Not an easy thing to deal with..:pray:

We still need to be in prayer for both our president and vice presdent. Things are looking worse and worse for this country.  The list of  what if's are no longer all what if but how long before these things start to happen.

EMP,  pandemics, mass shootings, nuclear disasters,  weather patterens, possibility of war here in the USA, bank closures, collaspe of this country, 401K's, stock market crash, recession, depression.  And so much more that can go wrong.  I believe that Donald Trump was put in office through God to give us another chance to repent as a country. It is not happening. Our Churches are falling away. I believe that God is using Trump for things that need to happen. I have studied revelation and watch close as to things going on in the world as much as I can. Very depressing to say the least.  

So I thank everyone that is praying for things to turn around and the possibility ( though I don't and am sure others don't agree with all that Trump is doing) But our choices are not going to be good. Just look at Venezuela to see what socializem has done to that country. I for one am praying that Trump wins the 2020 election and then brings out the real corruption going on in our gov. Soros for one needs to go. He has done a lot of damage and I heard tell that he is getting involved in the school system. That will be very bad for our children and grandchildren that go to public schools. I by no means want to offend anyone with anything. But to know that everyone is aware of the things that can and will happen. I don't know everyone on here and am very new to this forum. One of the things that got me to join is that you guys and gals do not seem afraid to stand up to your christian rights and talk about the Bible and God. Though I also know we need to be careful with what we say and do where politics and God are concerned so not to offend anyone with other view.   That is why I am just saying to keep on praying daily about this country.


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My friend is cleaned out, past his crisis, and on the tiresome road to normalcy.  However, things do go wrong, and he gladly accepts prayer.  I will email him tonight to convey your kindness.   Luckily for him, the rot under his skin showed on the surface before it was too late.  Nobody knows how long a pressure sore has been building, only that it is there one day.  People usually spend a long time pointing fingers and arguing about whose fault it is and who has to pay for fixing it and who has to pay for for preventing it from getting worse, and while all that is happening, the thing is tunneling deeper and wider under the skin.  The uglier the head that shows on the surface, the faster the sore gets cleaned out, seems like.  The uglier, the better.  Because it's got to get cleaned out, and the sooner, the better.

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I missed the part about your friend Ambergris! Yes, be sure to let him know he has friends out here who care about him.


I'm always afraid of hospitals and MRSA. 


Good advise will be to poke around and do a little squeezing hunting for some hot spots. 

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Been a while since I have been on here. Glad to know all is well.


Asking for prayers for my granddaughter and her DH. He is in Navy working naval hospital.  They are being transferred to Washington State. They will be leaving around the end of Feb.  Right now they are in Maryland.  Just keep them in prayer for a safe trip to Washington as they will be driving in 2 different cars to Washington. Her car already has over 200,000 miles on it. She is putting 4 new tires and having everything checked out on it but that car is old and a lot of miles.  Her DH is trying to get her to buy a new car before they leave but she is refusing. She doesn't want a car payment. Can't blame her but the miles she will be putting on it could be bad as with the already 200,000 that's already on it. Praying he can talk her into a new car before they leave. I am going to have them get the timing chain checked as well. 

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Prayers answered for Ambergris's friend.  Think you Father. 


I want to pray for all our military men and women in all branches of the service as the coronavirus has already worked it's way into the military. 

Father I know of one in Northern VA that has the coronavirus who is in the Army. Those that are in South Korea has been exposed. I ask Father that if it be your will to please put a healing hand on the ones that are sick and to put your protection around all of them. Those that are getting off that ship in CA, so many have the virus or have been exposed. Please Father heal these people and don't let this virus spread any further than it already has. 

Thank you Father for your guidance and your peace over this coronavirus as only you can give us the peace in our hearts to not let panic set in.

In Jesus name


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