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Hi all,

It's nice to see that so many of the service people are home now.I'm upgrading the names I submitted a long time ago. Brendon G., Andrew W. Nathan W. and Nicholas W. (all three brothers) have returned home also. 2nd. Lt Nathaniel is still in Korea.it looks like his dates for coming home from Korea will be in July 2005. Thank you for all of your prayers for everyone. Also, please keep all of the soldiers in your prayers in the future. Thank you, Logcabinmama

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Please pray also for all the troops fighting this day! The National Guard, 3rd Battalion, 178th Field Artillery unit from my hometown is fighting in Falluja (sp?) My minister's son is in this unit... There have already been some lives lost in this battle and prayers are needed asking God to put a protective shield around the others who are serving to protect us! And if you haven't thanked a veteran... please do so!

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Blessings for everyone. Prayers for all of our service people. I'm upgrading the list of people that I know in the service. It seems so long ago. It seems like just yesterday. Kabo49 is back over there>>>>>>>> making sure the computers are working. Nick W., Nathan W., and Andrew W. (Brothers three) have come home and now they've gone

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everyone, I have a friend on another forum who could really use some prayers right now.. His name is JB.. he is having marital problems, his sister was just killed about 3 weeks ago by a drunk driver, he has had to adopt her son, because he is the only one to care for the child...and then his mother was in a car accident and had a nervous breakdown and now she is in the hospital with pneumonia.. He wrote me yesterday saying that he is scared that he isn't going to make it... I talked with him for quite a while yesterday.... He lives in NC but had to fly to Maine to be with his mother, which meant he had to leave his wife and two daughters alone for such a long period of time... He is about at the end of his rope, he is worn out, and stressed...prayers for this poor boy would be appreciated....

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Please add "Robert" DH of co-worker. He's in Iraq and the heavy combat his squad is in right now is really weighing on her mind.


We talk some and while she holds a lot in I've overheard some phone calls and seen her try to hide some tears. She's a real strong gal so I know things must be rough.


It is so hard for the families to keep the homefront going, juggling everything that needs done here by theirselves and to also have the worry for loved ones.



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i'd like to add some friends to this list. first Shane Brooks. he's in the army...a sargent of some kind. he's going to be in iraq soon, he was previously stationed in Germany. his wife and 3 children have moved back to California to be close to her family during this time. also, from the same family. the wife's brother Ignacio Prado is in the Navy and stationed in Japan right now.


lastly, Mike Schofield...it's in the army reserves over in the middle east, not sure exactly where, he can't say.


what a wonderful thread!!! praying for all your loved ones.

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