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WHO Targets Hemorrhagic H1N1 Cases in Lviv Ukraine

Recombinomics Commentary 19:54

November 3, 2009



Work will initially begin in Lviv region, where reported numbers of cases showing severe manifestations of acute respiratory illness have been especially high. Two virologists on the team have started working at the National Influenza Centre and the laboratories of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Kyiv to provide diagnostic support.


The above comments from the WHO update on Ukraine strike a more serious tone than yesterday's quotes from WHO spokespersons playing down the alarming number of hospitalized and fatal cases, as well as media reports spinning political considerations, or politicians claiming only 15 confirmed H1N1 cases. As the WHO update clearly states, the dominant influenza circulating worldwide is swine H1N1 and it is assumed that most cases in the Ukraine (see map) are swine H1N1. Since the official government website lists 19,189 influenza cases (in addition to more than 235,000 ARI cases), the willingness of politicians to cite 15 confirmed cases, as well as media support in the distribution of the propaganda, is unfortunate.


The more severe manifestation of ARI cases are clearly hemorrhagic disease that fills lungs with blood and produces bleeding at all orifices, which are stark reminders of 1918 pandemic cases which were also linked to a swine H1N1.


Samples have arrived at Mill Hill in London, and sequence data should be available shortly. Since current swine H1N1 produced lethal infections in previously healthy young adults, and produced hemorrhagic disease, changes in the viral genome may be absent or minor. Therefore, release of the sequences to the entire scientific community would be useful.


Similarly, an update on the number of hemorrhagic cases would be useful. Rumors have suggested that such the number of such cases is significantly higher than the six described in media reports.

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It's spreading.......






More than 100 000 Bulgarians down with influenza as H1N1 claims third death in the country

Tue, Nov 03 2009 10:18 CET byNick Iliev


An influenza pandemic has been declared in 11 Bulgarian municipalities with reports suggesting that more than 100 000 Bulgarians are affected by the strain, Bulgarian National Television said on November 3 2009.


Medical authorities have said that all cases of seasonal flu will be treated as swine flu, on the advice of the World Health Organisation, WHO, as the latter is the more potent virus of the two. A total of 37 schools in the municipality of Gabrovo have been closed until November 9, with a pandemic emergency also declared late on November 2 in Stara Zagora, Shoumen and Lovech.


Meanwhile, the H1N1 strain claimed another death in Bulgaria, after a 30-year-old pregnant woman succumbed to the strain on November 2 in a Stara Zagora hospital.


The woman was five months pregnant; she had first been admitted to the emergency ward on October 19 in a Sliven clinic, with high fever and respiratory problems. She was later released on her own insistence but had to be re-hospitalised shortly afterwards, this time in Stara Zagora, BNT says.


Upon her arrival, doctors in MBAL Stara Zagora suspected that she had the H1N1 strain and immediately initiated treatment with Tamiflu.


"We had positive confirmation that she was infected by the strain on October 30," said doctor Elena Kaneva.


In spite of the medical unit's efforts, the woman eventually died after suffering "sharp respiratory complications".


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Publication time: 2 November 2009, 21:37


Ukrainian News Agency "Fraza" reported that, according to informed sources, "it has been confirmed 100 % Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine".


The Agency asserts that "the head physician of the medical institutions has sent out an informal disposal - not to sow panic, to refute the information about the plague, and to speak only of swine influenza".


It is also required to distribute masks at health facilities with 8 levels of protection and anti-plague protection costumes. There is also an informal order not to allow any visitors to see the patients.


According to the "Fraza" agency, "today in Ukraine pneumonic plague is going in parallel with swine flu. The plague has killed over 60 people, and about 14 from the flu.


Meanwhile, the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported that there is only one death from "California" virus A/N1N1 in Ukraine.


"In Ukraine there are 22 cases recorded of the virus A/N1N1 disease and there is only one fatal consequence as a result. All other cases of death from influenza has only a speculative attitude to "California" virus," press service reports.


The situation with the epidemic of influenza is a complex and unpredictable because of the propensity of influenza A/H1N1 virus to mutation, said First Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Lazoryshynets on Monday, November 2.


"The situation is complicated and unpredictable. We found a strain of this virus in our laboratory ... This virus is dangerous because it can mutate, and we can get a very different kind of virus, which was in Latin America or in Mexico, now it is European ", - said Lazoryshynets at a press conference, the "Correspondent" magazine informs.


At a press conference Lazoryshynets also said that there are 22 officially confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1 in Ukraine.


First Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchinov previously stated that as of Monday morning, November 2, there are 64 registered deaths in Ukraine from flu and acute respiratory viral infections.


Meantime, according to official information the highest level of epidemiological risk is declared in Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislav) area, from 2 November. This decision was made by Ivano-Frankivsk Regional emergency epidemiological commission at the extended session on November 2.


In accordance with the Commission, quarantine will last for all educational institutions in the area until 20 November, a commission to monitor the distribution of medicines is also made, which come in the region as humanitarian aid.


The commission agreed that health workers will provide individual first aid kit. There will be extra transport allocated to visit patients by the district doctors.


According to the Ministry of Health, today in Ukraine there are 255 000 registered cases of influenza and SARS, of whom 15 000 were hospitalized.


Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine introduced a permanent monitoring of the situation on a clear implementation of the planned anti-epidemic measures in public transport.


A special monitoring group studied the transport department on November 2, how the anti-epidemiological measures were applied at the Kiev railway station, central bus station of the capital and the International airport "Borispol".


Polish epidemiologists November 3 arrive in Ukraine for obtaining specimens from patients with the Ukrainians. The experts will arrive in Lviv, where it is supposed to take 190 samples.


Polish epidemiologists are expected to arrive in Ukraine on November 3 to obtain samples from patients. The experts will arrive in Lviv, where 190 samples are to be taken.


Lithuanian Foreign Ministry on November 2 recommended to the residents of Lithuania to refrain from unnecessary trips to the Ukraine.


Department of Monitoring,

Kavkaz Center

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Still...my question is if this is pneumatic plague wouldn't there be more deaths by now???? Does anyone have an opinion or knowledge on this? Also, since the airports are not closed down how long until this thing just catches like wildfire?


The med student was not able to get out last night. He has to wait until Thursday....I'm eager to hear what he has seen today.

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Still...my question is if this is pneumatic plague wouldn't there be more deaths by now???? Does anyone have an opinion or knowledge on this? Also, since the airports are not closed down how long until this thing just catches like wildfire?


The med student was not able to get out last night. He has to wait until Thursday....I'm eager to hear what he has seen today.


See that was my question, what is to keep it from spreading when they let people out of the country? I don't understand.


I don't know enough about pneumatic plague to know how fast you die from this. We need to check that out. I'll see if I can find anything.


Thanks for the information.

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Still...my question is if this is pneumatic plague wouldn't there be more deaths by now???? Does anyone have an opinion or knowledge on this? Also, since the airports are not closed down how long until this thing just catches like wildfire?


The med student was not able to get out last night. He has to wait until Thursday....I'm eager to hear what he has seen today.


See that was my question, what is to keep it from spreading when they let people out of the country? I don't understand.


I don't know enough about pneumatic plague to know how fast you die from this. We need to check that out. I'll see if I can find anything.


Thanks for the information.


I think plague may be a translation problem but hemorraghic virus (? spelling) would definatley fit if you could find anything on that as well....it may help us here with some of what we are reading. Also found the following;





Alaskan Victim of 1918 Flu Yields Sample of Killer Virus

A specimen of the influenza virus that killed 21 million people in the 1918 worldwide epidemic has been recovered from the frozen remains of a flu victim buried in Alaska.


Researchers at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology announced on Thursday that biopsy samples from a corpse exhumed from a cemetery in Brevig Mission, Alaska, contained genetic material from the flu.




Dr. Jeffery K. Taubenberger of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology said last year that the genetic pattern of the 1918 flu virus was unlike that of any other flu but was closely related to that of the so-called swine flu.



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This is from the Planet Diary - 2008 -

Researchers say there is a growing danger that the scary disease known as plague will make a comeback on the planet.


Overall, the threat is still low. The bacterial disease kills between 100 and 200 people worldwide each year. But there are signs it is spreading. Plague is showing up in several new countries, especially in Africa.


Rodents and their fleas carry the bacteria that cause plague. The World Health Organization reports between 1,000 and 3,000 cases every year. The majority are in Africa in Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, and Madagascar.There are only 10 to 20 cases in the United States in a typical year.


There are two forms of the disease, bubonic and pneumatic. Bubonic plague is marked by a "bubo" or swelling of the lymph nodes. Victims have flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, and aches. The more dangerous pneumatic form happens when plague bacteria infect the lungs. This form can spread from person to person by coughing and sneezing.


The planet's worst plague outbreak was the Black Death in Europe and Asia in the 14th century. The disease killed an estimated 75 million people, including more than half of Europe's population. Another huge outbreak, the 3rd Pandemic, killed 12 million people in India and China in the mid-1800s.


This info is from CDC:



Plague (Yersinia pestis) is a bacterium found throughout the world in rodents and their

fleas. Although naturally present in animal populations, plague has caused several

outbreaks through the centuries. Also called the “Black Death,” plague took the lives of

millions of Europeans, about one-third to one-half the population, during the Middle Ages.

The last urban outbreak occurred in Los Angeles in 1924-1925 though it mostly occurred

in rural areas since. Humans can contact plague either from fleabites or from person to

person contact with someone with pneumatic plague, the form of plague that causes the

most concern.

The following fact sheet was developed with information from the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention, Emergency Preparedness and Response (http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/plague/faq.asp) and it

highlights key information about this agent.

Is Plague a Serious Threat?

Classified by the CDC as a highly serious threat (a Category A threat) because it is easily

disseminated, contagious in an aerosol, can spread quickly, and possesses a high potential for

public panic.

In an aerosol attack can cause pneumonic plague

Can incubate for close to a week, allowing people to spread plague without knowing they are


The Two Different Types of Plague

Bubonic Plague

o Transmitted from flea bites or through skin lesions – not person to person

o Affects the lymph nodes

o Swollen, tender lymph nodes called buboes which may become dark in color

Pneumonic Plague

o Transmitted from person to person

o Affects the lungs

o Considered a higher risk than Bubonic Plague

o Can be a secondary illness from untreated Bubonic Plague

How Pneumonic Plague is Spread

Breathing in bacteria after aerosol release in attack

Breathing in bacteria from respiratory droplets from a person or animal with plague

Requires about 6 feet contact with exposed individual

Spread to lungs from Bubonic or Septicemic Plague

Symptoms of Pneumonic Plague

General symptoms:

o Fever, weakness

o Rapidly developing pneumonia with cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, bloody or

watery sputum

o May also have nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain

Without treatment:

o Respiratory failure, shock, and rapid death

o Pneumonic plague may occur in untreated Bubonic Plague

National Business Group on Health, 50 F St. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 2001 Page 2

Treatment for Pneumonic Plague

Can be treated with antibiotics

Antibiotics should be administered within 24 hours of symptoms

Taking antibiotics within 7 days of exposure to an infected person

Antibiotics can be taken orally or through injection or intravenous use

Healthcare providers should determine the most effect antibiotic and treatment method






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Clusters of Hemorrhagic H1N1 Pneumonia in Ukraine

Recombinomics Commentary 11:54

November 4, 2009



Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast


All the six dead young people had symptoms of severe hemmorhagic pneumonia. The disease starts slowly, with temperature rising to 37.2 - 37.3 degrees, slight cough and pain in joints. Nasal catarrh developed at the end of the second or third day. Autopsy revealed that the lungs were soaked with blood, the oblast chief specialist said.


The above comments are from an early story describing cases in Ukraine. The clustering of hemorrhagic cases raised concerns. The concern was increased by anecdotal reports citing a high frequency of such cases in Lviv (see map). The recent WHO announcement that they were initially focusing of severe acute respiratory illness in Lviv also increased concerns.


Hemorrhagic pneumonia was also observed in the 1918 pandemic and was thought to be linked to cytokine storm. Consequently, those with robust immune systems (previously health young adults) disproportionately died, which has also been seen in the current outbreak (Mexico, US, and worldwide). However, the cases in Ukraine appear to be clustered, raising concerns that the virus has changed.


However, the change may be minor, since the current H1N1 has produced the above symptoms in earlier cases. More severe cases may be linked to a higher viral load, which could be linked to minor genetic changes, or simply due to concentration of virus in schools. In the US the spread of the virus has been linked to school openings, which lead to an explosion of cases and subsequent student deaths. However, now there are increases in fatalities in teachers and administrators, increasing concerns worldwide.


In Ukraine, weather changes and heating issues may have led to a surge in cases, and increased concentrations of virus could have produced conditions favoring high viral loads and increased cytokine storms.


Samples have been sent to Mill Hill, and sequence data should be released shortly. Similarly, investigations on hemorrhagic pneumonia in lviv should help resolve the mechanism for the high concentration of such cases in western Ukraine.


However, H1N1 spread in Kiev has been noted, and other countries such as Belarus have announced additional H1N1 suspect or confirmed fatalities.


Sequence analysis of these cases and an update on the frequency of hemorrhagic pneumonia in Ukraine and worldwide would be useful.


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Ukraine flu death toll rises to 81



KIEV, November 4 (RIA Novosti) - A total of 81 people have died of influenza-like diseases in Ukraine, the country's chief sanitary doctor Oleksandr Bilovol said on Wednesday.


Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said on Tuesday 71 people have died of acute respiratory illness in the country. The health ministry said on Monday 255,000 flu cases had been reported in the country, with 15,000 receiving treatment in hospital.


"Over 478,000 people have fallen ill, 81 died," Bilovol said.


He said 14 confirmed swine flu cases have been registered in the country and three of them have been fatal.


About 12 million people, or a quarter of Ukraine's population, are expected to contract influenza-like diseases during the current outbreak.


"Up to 1% of them will be hospitalized, about 18,000 will be taken to intensive care," he said, without providing any forecast of fatalities.


President Viktor Yuschenko has requested help from other countries over the outbreak. The government has imposed quarantines in nine western provinces to curb the spread of swine flu, which originated in the Tirnopol Region.


All education establishments in the capital, Kiev, were closed on Monday until further notice due to the flu pandemic. Wearing medical masks has been a must in all catering places, shops and social services facilities across Ukraine since Friday.



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OK....THIS IS WAY PAST BIZARRE!! If you have been reading the other post then read these bolded sections you will understand.



WHO team arrives to assist with Ukraine flu probe

Lisa Schnirring Staff Writer


Nov 3, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – The World Health Organization (WHO) said its team arrived in the Ukraine last night and met with the country's health ministry today to discuss a dramatic spike in flulike illnesses and deaths, particularly in the western part of the country.


The Ukrainian health ministry has recorded more than 250,000 flulike illnesses, of which 235 patients needed treatment in intensive care units, the WHO said in a statement today. As of yesterday, 70 deaths had been reported.


The high level of illnesses activity and severe cases, combined with reports of hemorrhagic pneumonia cases, have raised some speculation that the virus might be behaving differently in the Ukraine, but further testing is just getting under way.


Laboratory testing at labs in the Ukraine have confirmed the pandemic H1N1 virus in samples taken from patients in two regions, the WHO said, adding that because the pandemic virus has become dominant throughout the world, most of the Ukrainian respiratory illnesses are probably caused by the novel H1N1 strain.


Though the highest illness rates have been seen in the western part of the country, illness activity is increasing rapidly in Kiev, the WHO reported.


The WHO's field investigation team will start in the Lviv region, where the number of cases of severe respiratory illness has been especially high. Virologists from the WHO have started working with Ukrainian scientists at the National Influenza Centre and the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, both in Kiev.


Ukraine's health ministry has sent viral samples to the WHO collaborating center in London, where laboratory experts will conduct confirmatory tests and further characterize the virus.


The outbreak raises several questions and may provide clues about how the virus will circulate in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter months, particularly in areas such as Eastern Europe that have healthcare challenges.


The WHO commended Ukrainian officials for their transparent reporting and open sharing of viral samples. It also said border closures and international travel restrictions are not warranted.


Lawmakers in the Ukraine today approved legislation freeing up $1 billion UAH (about $131 million) in reserve funds for flu response actions, according to a report from UNIAN, the country's independent news agency.


The country's head sanitary inspector today, in a television interview, denied that the country was experiencing an outbreak of pandemic flu and said only 14 cases had been confirmed, including three deaths, according to another UNIAN report today.


Meanwhile, two of Ukraine's top leaders, who are opponents in a January presidential election, scrambled to respond to the flu outbreak, UNIAN reported. President Victor Yuschenko instructed the military to prepare portable military hospitals, and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko promised to provide all of the country's residents with masks to reduce their flu exposure.


An official from the Ukraine's flu and respiratory disease center, Oleksandr Hrynevych, today projected that pandemic H1N1 vaccination could begin in a month or two after regulators approve two vaccines that are undergoing testing, according to a report from the National Radio Company of Ukraine (NRCU). He said the vaccine supply will come from the WHO and from individual country donations.


A warden message posted on the US State Department's Ukrainian embassy Web site said US officials are aware of the outbreak and are monitoring the situation. Though the country has imposed several social-distancing measures, such as a 3-week school closure, Ukrainian officials have told the State Department that no general quarantine is in effect.


The US embassy said that, because of legal restrictions and lack of resources, it is not able to provide private citizens with pandemic supplies, medication, medical treatment, or medical advice.




Is it me or is this conflicting info????


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Ukraine Nurses, Patients Make Masks as Flu Spreads (Update1)

By Daryna Krasnolutska, Halia Pavliva and Kateryna Choursina


Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Nurses and patients at the town hospital in Chernivstsi, Ukraine, came together in an unusual task today: making their own protective masks.


“We bought gauze, people sat down and stitched the masks for the doctors,” said Oleh Kaminskyi, a doctor who works at the hospital. “Now we’re washing and ironing them.”


Ukraine, battling an outbreak of respiratory disease that’s sickened 478,400 people and killed 81, is struggling with a lack of protective equipment, antiviral drugs and laboratory facilities to confirm whether the H1N1 pandemic virus is causing the disease. Many residents are staying at home and turning to natural remedies such as garlic to ward off the virus.


Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said in an urgent address to the nation today that the country’s flu outbreak is “unique” because three flu strains are spreading at the same time. That increases the risk of mutations of the viruses into a new strain, he said, citing unnamed domestic and foreign experts. The World Health Organization sent a team of scientists and advisers to Ukraine this week to investigate the outbreak.


The country’s Council for National Security and Defense is taking over management of the epidemic now, Yushchenko said, adding that the government has failed to control the spread of illness from the western Ternopil region.




“Everyone is scared,” said Hryhoriy Stasiv, chief medical doctor at a division of Lviv’s First Clinical Hospital, in a telephone interview. “We don’t have masks. We don’t have medicines. We see on TV that drugs are on the way, but it’s been a while and they’re still not here.”


Ukraine, an eastern European nation with 46 million people that borders the European Union, has asked the U.S., the EU, NATO and neighbors for anti-flu drugs. Poland and Slovakia sent protective masks and Roche Holding AG’s drug Tamiflu after Yushchenko said the country couldn’t fight an outbreak of pandemic influenza alone.


Tamiflu has arrived at the hospital in Lviv, near the Polish border, though the medicine can only be used for severe cases of people confirmed to have H1N1, or swine flu, said Natalya Pohmurska, a doctor who works there. Because the local laboratory is closed, samples have to be shipped to Kiev, and take three days to return with a result, Pohmurska said.


Garlic and Honey


“I tell my patients to eat garlic, honey, herbal tea, cabbage and take lots of vitamins,” she said. “We lack masks. We got six for the week. Although they’re supposed to be used once, we wash them and iron them to be able to re-use them.”


Ukraine’s government closed schools and banned public events on Oct. 30. In Kiev, the capital, people wear masks on the streets, pharmacies hang handwritten signs that read “no masks for sale” and theaters are shut. The Health Ministry today said the death toll rose to 81, up from an estimated 71 yesterday, according to a statement on its Web site.


The hospital in Kamyanets-Podilskyi, in southwestern Ukraine, sent home patients scheduled for non-urgent surgery and turned units devoted to drug and alcohol addiction into wards for flu patients, said Tetyana Ocheretenko, a local doctor.


“We weren’t ready for this outbreak,” said Kaminskyi, the doctor from Chernivstsi.


Ukraine’s 2009 state budget devoted 10 times less money to combating epidemic outbreaks than in the previous year. The money allocated to epidemics was 500,000 hryvnia ($60,423), down from 5 million hryvnia a year ago, according to the Web site of the Ukrainian parliament.


Flu Pandemic


The WHO declared the first influenza pandemic since 1968 on June 11 after raising its alert level three times. A pandemic means a new flu strain is sweeping across the globe. Seasonal flu kills as many as 500,000 people a year worldwide, according to the Geneva-based United Nations health agency.


Laboratory tests in Kiev confirmed swine flu in 17 samples taken from patients, First Deputy Health Ministry Vasyl Lazoryshynets said yesterday. The WHO’s Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza Samples in London received samples sent by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, the United Nations health agency said. The laboratory will conduct confirmatory tests.


To contact the reporter on this story: Daryna Krasnolutska in Kiev at dkrasnolutsk@bloomberg.net; Halia Pavliva in Kiev at hpavliva@bloomberg.net; Kateryna Choursina in Kiev at kchoursina@bloomberg.net



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04.11.2009 19:00

Press office of President Victor Yushchenko

President's address to the Ukrainian people on the occasion of flu epidemic in Ukraine



Dear fellow citizens!


I address you in performance of my constitutional duty under the Article 106 of the Basic Law of the state.


The reason is the emergency epidemic situation in the country.


Infections of viral origin, including the A/H1N1 flu, are rapidly spreading across Ukraine.


The emergency is evident in the scale of the epidemic: the speed and the geography of its spreading, rapid progress of the illness and the exceptional number of deaths.


People are dying. The epidemic is killing doctors. This is absolutely unprecedented and inconceivable in the XXI century.


All the limits have been exceeded - even those under the Constitution that determine my actions as the President.


Therefore I am motivated by the most important: the security of your life and your health.


Therefore I give clear and frank assessment of the situation. And you should know that.


We have special risk factors that aggravate the epidemic in Ukraine.


The conclusions of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, my numerous consultations with national and international experts show that.


First. Unlike similar epidemics in other countries, three pathogens of viral infections came to Ukraine at the same time: two of them are seasonal flu and the third is the A/H1N1.


According to virologists, such a combination of infections due to mutation may produce a new, even more aggressive virus.


That's why I have addressed the United Nations with the request to conduct a virologic examination in Ukraine and to establish the appropriate laboratory in order to take timely preventive measures.


Second. The A/H1N1 virus is easily mutating. It has travelled across half of the globe before coming to Ukraine.


This means that the virus has become particularly pathogenic.


This means that medical aid must be urgently reinforced by emergency, critical care treatment.


The third risk factor. It is generally known that the only way to prevent any infection is vaccination.


Due to unprofessional and highly disorganized vaccination against measles and rubella in Ukraine the practice of vaccination is compromised in essence.


According to the estimates of the Minister of Health approximately 58% of citizens are vaccinated today in Ukraine with the effective level being 90% and higher.


People have stopped getting vaccinated against extremely dangerous infections: tuberculosis, diphtheria, etc.


This led to high risk of A/H1N1 infection spread, when the virus came to Ukraine and made impossible preventive vaccination against both strains of seasonal flu.


All this made general epidemic situation in Ukraine even more complicated.


As the President I ask you, dear fellow citizens, to reconsider your attitude to vaccination and do it if necessary, but only, I emphasize it - only after consultation with the doctor.


At the same time I instruct the Government and the Ministry of Health to immediately start preventive and promotional work in areas where there is no epidemic, targeting primarily the special risk groups.


I demand the Government to immediately cancel the existing order of registration of medical supplies, including vaccines.


Studying this issue by the National Security and Defense Council shown that this procedure has allowed various dealers to bring to Ukraine dubious medicines, which are not recognized by the WHO or other national institutions.


Under my direction the Security Service is investigating the issue.


The fourth factor. In reality it is the Reactor 4.


I mean the epidemic, rapid spread of viral infections in the west of the country. The Government, the leadership of the Parliament and the opposition were all aware of that already in early October.


The first and the most effective preventive measure is avoiding large gatherings of people.


Ignoring this principle, hundreds of thousands of people from different regions were brought to Kyiv; from both the areas struck by the epidemic, and those where there was no evidence of this epidemic.


This greatly increased the risk of infection.


I emphasize: it was a well-known thing. And it was ignored by the Chairman of the Parliament, by the opposition leader and, first of all, by the Prime Minister. And Chief Sanitary Inspector, together with his subordinates in the regions, including those in the city of Kiev ignored their professional duty.


This directly reminds of the May Day demonstration in Kiev, held shortly after the accident at Chernobyl NPP.


This is a display of criminal irresponsibility of politicians and complete indifference towards the people.


Let me cite one example. On October 20 the epidemic of flu was declared in Ternopil with schools and kindergartens closed for quarantine. "From October 21 secondary and primary schools are closed due to the growing rate of flu and ARD sickness”. This was the order of local authorities.


As of October 20 the rate of ARD in Ternopil was 172.9 cases per 10 thousand people with epidemiological threshold for the city being 160 patients per 10 thousand people. In other words - all services of the country responsible for monitoring the figure were informed and knew about the situation.


However, not a single Sanitary Inspector has banned either the movement of people, nor their gathering, including those in Kiev on October 24, when people have gathered at the central square.


I would like to remind you, my dear, that on October 24, 2009 10 deaths were known to have occurred in Ternopil region itself and 6 deaths were reported in Lviv region. And in 7 days after the abovementioned gathering Kyiv turned out in the situation, when the rate of sickness demanded the announcement of flu epidemic. This is the behavior of the great politicians. The neglect of elementary means of prevention of a disease in any country in the world, by any society. Because they must conduct a show, they have concerts, because they were paid for and 130 million have already been spent.


In that, dear Ukrainians, I see not only moral but also criminal liability.


I have addressed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with the request to institute criminal charges of negligence committed by first of all the Chief Sanitary Inspector, Kyiv City Sanitarian and the officials, who, despite having daily information on the epidemic situation in the country, neglected it in pursuit of political dividends and ambition.


Now, the only principle of organizing preventive measures at the national scale should be as follows:


We treat the West and defend East, Center, North and South of Ukraine amain.


I now rely solely on the professionalism of our doctors. Today they are the true heroes of our nation.


I once again demand the Government to comply with the order the National Security and Defense Council to resolve the issue of wages for our doctors in this difficult period for the country.


The fifth factor.


Dear fellow citizens, the key threat that is aggravating the situation is chaos in the system of healthcare and protection of lives of people.


Today we must recognize that Ukraine does not have a single healthcare system. Prevention of any infection, including through vaccination, the localization and overcoming the consequences of epidemics is the responsibility of the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of Ukraine.


The Service is headed by the Chief Sanitary Inspector. He is appointed by the Prime Minister.


The current Constitution after alterations in 2004 makes the Government solely responsible for conducting state healthcare policy.


The practice of using the power, as evident today, is a failure.


To the executive power, which is not subordinate to the President, I have suggested the holistic healthcare reforms plan and a set of instructions and recommendations that would help create the optimal model of the system for years to come. My remarks were presented as the groundless interference in Government’s work and as the unfounded criticism.


Back in April of 2009 I addressed the Government with the request to establish a special interdepartmental commission on fighting the spread of flu viruses, to finance the establishment of Flu Center and to take all measures to protect the country against flu. That included providing adequate availability of medicines, facemasks and all other necessaries.


Partial implementation of the instructions has its consequences.


They were not ignoring me – they were ignoring the people, the citizens. It is clear why. Because Ukraine still has unfair system of healthcare - one is for the power, the other is for the people.


We must change the system. We must change the entire system of government in Ukraine.


But now, in this moment there is no time for waiting or remonstrance.


National Security and Defense Council should become the center of decision-making.


Failure to comply with its orders will immediately result in application to the law enforcement authorities.


I remind all the responsible persons and draw attention to all of my orders, made in Lviv four days ago. In three days the deadline for compliance with these orders expires.


With my decree I put Minister of Health and Chief Sanitary Inspector of Ukraine into the Council for National Security and Defense.


I am conscious of my responsibility.


I express deep condolences to the families and relatives of those who have died.


I express my deep appreciation to doctors, who are saving our people risking their own lives. I am moved by this sacrifice. Such a commitment means that the epidemic will be stopped.


I appeal to all of you, dear fellow citizens, to show solidarity, mutual support, and strictly adhere to all the safety regulations regarding protection of your health and lives.


For not a single moment you will be left alone by the state.


Thank you for your attention.


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Thanks Katz for that info on plague.


Does anyone know how long one would have from time of exposure until actual death or from time of onset of symptoms until time of death? The thing that sticks out to me is that there are only 81 deaths at this time....granted that is a lot over a few day period...it just seems like there would be more if it was a plague.


I strongly believe it to be a hemorraghic virus and I want to look into that and check out some other boards since there seems to be a media blackout on this story. Also would like to find out what happened to Joseph Moshee.....

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Joseph Moshe....the guy that warned back in Aug that there was a bioterror agent to be released....threatened to go public with it. Accused Baxter (a pharmaceutical giant) who has a plant in Ukraine. Noone has heard much more about him after they got him after a 8 hour stand off.


Found a site that covers it....very interesting and scarey info....







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WHO Continues To Deceive: Assumes

That Ukraine Plague Is H1N1 Swine Flu


The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuing to deceive the world by stating sweeping assumptions about the Ukraine pandemic. Despite huge differences in transmission and death rates, the agency stated Tuesday that it was valid to assume that most of the cases of influenza reportedly combing through the Ukraine were caused by the pandemic A(H1N1) virus.


There is very little left to be respected of the WHO. After months of using junk science and contradictions to conceal actual swine flu cases, they are now launching phase two of their deceptive operation: Convince the world that a more lethal strain of flu is still the same H1N1 virus.


Infectious disease expert Dr. Donald Lau explained that the chances of the Ukrainian pandemic being the same H1N1 virus that has infected the world are very low. "The statistical probability of this being the same H1N1 virus are infinitesimally small." Dr. Lau stated that the high viral transmission rates are extremely unusual for H1N1 and there is almost certainly some type of new virus, or a lethal recombination that has occurred.


Dr. Lau speculated that the Ukraine government or the WHO may be withholding and/or suppressing information for some unknown reason. "There must have been some misrepresentation of actual deaths versus infection rates." Dr. Lau has estimated the probable fatality rate of this new virus to be close to 0.5 percent which is astronomically higher than the H1N1 virus in any part of the world.


Ukrainian authorities on Sunday launched an urgent appeal for help from world powers after it imposed drastic measures to tackle a sudden surge of flu-like illness in the country.

Almost 500,000 cases of influenza and acute respiratory illness have been reported, according to approximate but official Ukrainian figures cited by the WHO.


"Given the potential significance of this outbreak as an early warning signal, WHO commends the government of Ukraine for its transparent reporting and open sharing of samples," the UN health agency said in a statement.


"As the pandemic virus has rapidly become the dominant influenza strain worldwide, it can be assumed that most cases of influenza in Ukraine are caused by the H1N1 virus," the agency said.


"Judging from the symptomalogy of the reported victims, it seems highly improbable that there are less than one-hundred deaths considering the amount of infections stated," said Lau. The dominant H1N1 influenza strain has not been capable of producing such a large amount of infections or deaths in such a short period. "The H1N1 swine flu virus is mild in comparison to the influenza strain currently attacking the Ukraine, it is not the same virus or strain as what we've seen," added Lau.


The expeditious rise in infections and deaths in the past few days raise many concerns that the virus is transmitting very efficiently. Spikes in cases have been reported throughout the northern hemisphere, but the increased fatalities and the frequency in hemorrhagic cases in Ukraine have particularly raised concerns.


The highest rates of "acute respiratory illness/influenza-like illness" were found in western areas, while they were also increasing rapidly around the capital Kiev, according to the WHO. Eighty-one people have died as a result of flu and acute respiratory infections, the Ukrainian health ministry said, but the pandemic A(H1N1) virus has been confirmed in only one of the fatal cases.


The WHO said a team of specialists who arrived in the country on Monday will initially focus on the Lviv region, where reported "severe" cases of acute respiratory illness "have been especially high."


Samples from Ukraine have also been received by the WHO's influenza research laboratory in London for tests.


"Many questions remain to be answered," the WHO said.


"The outbreak in Ukraine may be indicative of how the virus can behave in the northern hemisphere during the winter season, particularly in health care settings typically found in eastern Europe," it added.



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This is a post from one of the people on the board I'm reading....they recently shut the thread down because there were so many ego's battling for turf that the thread was almost constant feuding....hopefully things are settling down so more of the "locals" that were posting will start posting again.




reply posted on 5-11-2009 @ 08:57 AM by former_ussr


Greetings from Lviv,


from where its all started


The rate of mrtality from "flu like symptoms" is not higher than in previous years, 96 as for today in whole UKraine.




My doctor (employee) was just 5 min ago on the phone with head of intensive care department of so called "infection hospital".


3 departments where rearranged to become intensive care,

filled up with pneimonia cases.

ONLY!!!!! with people between 20 and 45. Very strange.


Previous years such intensive care departments were filled up with old people, boms, etc.


One of the guys I new has died yesterday. Age 30 - sales director at soft drink company.


I must say, I dont wear a mask, and not in the panic,

but this is really CRAP.


Doctors dont know what to do!!!


THough offcials say Lviv region has changed the rising level trend to the decline. Doctors from emergency cars also say they getting less calls.


Good and strong health to everyone!!!


[edit on 5-11-2009 by former_ussr]



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HOLY SMOKES!!!! Censored on National TV for questioning the WHO????? Am I reading this correctly????







Polish Health Minister cut off after accusing WHO of spreading disinformation in Ukraine

November 5, 2009


TV transmission of a live parliamentary debate in Poland was cut off for fifteen minutes today after the Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz said that WHO was spreading disinformation in the Ukraine concerning the „swine flu“ pandemic.


Kopacz has come under fierce criticism from some quarters after she said she will resist pressure to press ahead with the mass vaccination of the population with untested swine flu jabs that could cause damage and death to more people than the swine flu.


The unexpected interruption of the TV and website transmission of the debate in parliament will fuel fears that portions of the Polish media and government allied to big pharma and banks are censoring critics of WHO and of the toxic and untested swine flu jabs.


The Polish Health Minister was cut off in the middle of answering questions on the „swine flu“ jab and footage of French President Nicholas Sarkozy was shown, it is reported.


Kopacz has been celebrated as a „hero“ by the general public for her stance in putting the health of the general public before the profits of big pharma and WHO.

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Update: more death, illness

Yesterday at 14:10


| (Wire reports) Ukraine’s Health Ministry on Nov. 5 said the death toll of patients with flu-related and acute respiratory illnesses (ARI) had jumped to 95.


Deputy Health Minister Zinoviy Mytnik said told journalists during a press briefing that a total of 633, 877 cases of flu-related and ARI have been registered from Oct. 29 through Nov. 5.


Mytnik said 15 of 31 patient samples sent to London for laboratory analysis tested positive for the H1N1, or swine flu, virus.


Meanwhile, over 600 medical workers in Kyiv have fallen sick with the flue and acute respiratory illnesses, according to Kyiv deputy Mayor Iryna Kilchitskaya, who on Nov. 5 told a daily Kyiv newspaper that 200 of the afflicted are doctors.


In a related story, Ihor Pokanevych, head of the WHO office in Kyiv, told Deutsche Welle on Nov. 5 that in Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, there will be three waves of the swine flu virus: the first – which Ukraine is experiencing now, the second – in the spring, and the third – during the autumn of 2010.


Pokanevych noted that the current pandemic is complicated to sort out because it involves three strains of flu virus: two seasonal strains [of the Brisbane] flu and the swine flu, which as a result could lead the virus to mutate into a still more virulent, new virus.

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UPDATE: Polish Health Minister, a family doctor, tells Parliament she will not allow use of untested swine flu jabs: reveals secret contracts violate the law


Written by Jane Burgermeister

Thursday, 05 November 2009 11:59



The Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz today told Parliament during a heated debate on the swine flu vaccination that she, as a qualified family doctor with more than 20 year of experience, will not authorise the use of untested vaccines on millions of people in Poland when there is inadequate information about the safety of the jabs.


She said the secret contract that the Polish government was supposed to sign with pharmaceutical companies had more than 20 clauses which are against the law.


Kopacz noted that governments in Western Europe had signed secret agreements with pharmaceutical companies, but suggested that the prosperity of the people of Poland was more important to her than the profits of Big Pharma.


She noted that there are three vaccines proposed for Poland with different types of adjuvants and was concerned that these vaccines were all being treated as if they were the same.


In addition, she observed that only 13 % of the people in Germany want to take the swine flu jab even though 5 times more people in Germany take the regular flu shot than in Poland, and asked why the Germans are so unwilling to take the jab.


She said there was secrecy surrounding the contents of the vaccines. There is no information about the amount of adjuvants in the vaccinesm, she added.


Furthermore, the family doctor and Health Minister said there is absolutely no information about the side effects of the swine flu jab. The pharmaceutical companies did not want to take responsibilty for the jab.


Also, she said that trials for the swine flu jab were being conducted on a relatively small number of healthy people and that these were not adequate for her to recommend the jab.


Moreover, Kopacz said that the regular flu was much more common and dangerous than the swine flu - and yet no pandemic had been declared over the seasonal flu.


Why is there such a panic about the swine flu virus? She asked.


Kopacz said that the Polish people can tell the difference between objective facts and the truth and lies.



She noted that all 193 people who allegedly had the swine flu in Poland had survived.


Finally, she called on the people of Poland to show their support for her as she comes under growing pressure from the pushers of the "swine flu" jab to give the people the dangerous and untested jab.




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Here's another post from the abovetopsecret thread.....






reply posted on 5-11-2009 @ 01:18 PM by surfinguru


Ok, check this out. I have a co-worker who's father was in the Ukrane about 6 weeks ago. He came home (lives in Oregon, USA) and said he wasn't feeling very well. Not sick, just not right. He has some chronic back issues and was put on prednisone two weeks ago.


A week after that, he comes down with what he thought was just the flu. It progressed very quickly and went to the ER. Well, now he's in the hospital with severe respiratory problems and is on a ventilator exhibiting hemorrhagic symptoms. The hospital tested for both H1N1 and TB and both test came back negative. They don't know what it is and his condition is deteriorating very quickly since admission.


Does this have any correlation? Maybe, maybe not. The coincidentals here are just too big to ignore though.


If I get more details, I'll be sure to post.



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Either this is getting creepier or I've been reading too much stuff.....I wonder if some of these news stories are the equivalent of the National Enquirer??? There's just not a lot of news out there on this.


Anyone know much about this ladies site? Jane Burgmeister?? I heard about her a while back....something about her suing WHO or CDC or someone for causing panic over Swine Vaccine or something. Now she has her own site, but not sure how credible she is.


Also, when reading some of these news stories take into account that some of them have been translated through google and some words may be a little off (which can cause a problem with words like plague!!)







Thursday, 05 November 2009 09:48


Critics in the Ukraine of vaccines are to be prosecuted by the government under criminal laws, according to a report from Interfax Ukrainia Agency.


The report says the Ukrainian Health Minister Wasilij Kniazevicz has asked the country's top prosecutor to open criminal proceeedings against those people who are opposed to the implementation of the mass flu vaccination campaign also with the toxic and untested swine flu jab, sparking fears that the authorities are about to carry out wave of arrests.


The government's Chief Medical Officer Aleksander Bilovol said that the government is planning to implement a mass vaccination campaign with pregnant women an especial target.


In addition, the Health Ministry is considering extending quarantine areas in the Ukraine, which could lead to the isolation of large regions and the virtual imprisonment of populations.


It has been reported that a key Ukrainian civilian public health body has been dissolved and integrated into the army, raising fears of forced mass vaccinations by the military.


Key functions in the Ukrainian government appear to have been taken over by officials from WHO and the UN under the pretext of fighting a pandemic emergency.


Many thanks to Krzysztof Tarnawski and Mareck Podlecki from Grypa666 for the translation of the report from Interfax-Ukraina Agency.
























Interfax-Ukraina Agency (after gazeta.ua)




Health Minister Wasilij Kniazevicz asks Prosecutor General to start criminal action against those who opposed seasonal vaccinations.

































































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