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Flu or food poisoning?


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It started with a dull "pain" in my tummy, like I was going to retch.........but never did. NOT until a couple of hours later. :sad-smiley-012:



Very forceful, lots of food, no sour taste. Chills, weakness, headache, and continued tummy rumblings. Hours later, another "explosion" and condinued yucky feeling. Took the slightest bit of baking soda and water...............that worked.Still no sour taste or smell. Can hold down tiny amounts of water, and the tiniest bit of 7-UP.


Symptoms have moved on more or less to diarreah...............just a little bit of throwing up. Still tired. Still get the chills. Still dealing with headaches and some dizziness.


(Just so you know, my doc thought it might be food poisoning, but I called the place where I ate last night. No other complaints. Person who answered the phone said there is a flu that imitates food poisoning going around.And doc has Rx/ed an antibiotic. My research leads me to believe this would NOT be a good idea if it is the flu.)

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It isn't what you ate yesterday most likely. Did you know it can take several weeks for some foods to make you sick ? Most foods will not make you sick that fast. Trying to figure out what you ate several weeks ago would probably be impossible.

If it was flu, the difference is usually body aches. Sounds like food poisoining to me. Most ALL cases that seem like the "flu" are indeed food poisoning. Why would you need an antibiotic ? That only works on bacteria, not viruses, as the flu would be anyway.

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I have no idea what you got... But I do know that there is at least one thing going around that is extremely harsh right now. As I mentioned in another thread, we had a death and a hospitalization in the family from some kind of flu-like thing. It hit a 25 year old so hard that he ended up in the hospital... It just seems like I'm hearing more reports of people getting really sick. We've heard the same thing from Mrs. S family members, too.

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Gastroenteritis (stomach "flu") usually is characterized by cycles of vomiting every 20 -30 minutes accompanied by diarrhea. Fever can sometimes be present. The pain is normally more stomach-oriented and stabbing than cramp-like.


Rotoviruses can sometimes cause vomiting, but in adults are usually more on the diarrhea side of things. It sounds like that is definitely not what you had.


You'll pretty much know if nobody else in your family comes down with similar symptoms that you had food poisoning. If anyone else gets the same symptoms, it was a virus and you shared!


Don't bother with the antibiotic rx. You either have a virus or your body is purging something that was negatively affecting it. Either way, an antibiotic won't help and could possibly harm you by interfering with the regrowth of your vital intestinal flora following your GI symptoms.


Feel better soon, sweetie! :hug3:

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... there is a flu that imitates food poisoning going around.


My DH had something like that. Lasted a couple days. Several other people mentioned having something hit them also, in our area. Started in the school, as far a we can tell. Kiddos brought it home and shopping passed it around.



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