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Christmas specialties


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What items are absolutely requred on your table at Christmas,or it is loudly bemoaned, then demanded?

Homemade stollen at my house. I make it 6 loaves at a pop, and it is eaten with butter and hot black coffee after midnight Christmas services, right up until it runs out. Then no more until next year!! (I was going to post photos, but cant get it to work.....)

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Honestly, its the little snacks and stocking stuffers like navel oranges I have missed for a lot of years, so I bought two good navel oranges and bought some chocolate chips so I could make chocolate cookies with whole wheat flour and some dark chocolate candies.

I remember my grandma's ham, it was always so good, but have a london broil I will make a good beef stew with tomorrow.

I loved my moms chocolate chip cookies and have been thinking about her alot lately as she has passed on. So the chocolate chip cookies are important to me just now.

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