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Jetsons?....3-D printers and food?

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:scratchhead: wondering what kind of dandy 'liquids' the 'real' foods would be mixed with....

With most 3-D food printing concepts today, the inks are the foods themselves in fluid form — think molten chocolate, cheese or cookie dough. Foods that can’t be readily extruded from a syringe such as meats and vegetables are ground and mixed with other liquids to create novel food inks.



times sure are changing. I used to think that the Jetsons and Star Trek kind of technology would be great -- now, not so much. Think we have chemicals now, I don't want to imagine the chemicals we'd be having if this became the norm.

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But can you imagine the intricate frosting decorations on a cake????? They decorate cakes with airbrush painting [edible "inks"] already.



Mebbe they can specialize in REAL food ...er, "ink". Organic food ink?



MtRider -- too bad the really cool stuff is also mebbe....... :tinfoilhatsmile:

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Considering they are making human organs/parts on a 3D printer, the possibilities are limited only with man's imagination, money, and the technology to make the "ink" of the substance you want the product to be and the mechanism (cartridge) to spit it out precisely. With human cells the technology had to find a way to keep them alive during and after the "printing" process. That in itself boggles my mind.


But computer software has to drive the printer just like our regular printers. The software is CAD (Computer Assisted Design). The person who can draw a 3-dimensional object on the computer will be the authors for the 3D printers. As is now occurring, CAD drawings will be posted on the Internet for people to download and print, just like we do with a color photo or document. Imagine a part breaking on your home appliance, downloading the CAD drawing of that part, and printing it out on your home 3D printer. And of course no more "Made in China" parts.


I hope I live long enough to enjoy some of these benefits.

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