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Miles for June 19 - 25, 2016


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Momo, the company were our kids and they were here to do some work and so it was good, just that I'm getting to old to enjoy a lot of company for that long I guess. :) The shop now has a table and shelves in it and things like that were done. I guess I really can't complain, as I do love it when the kids are home. :)


A week ago, I took a wrong step and slipped in a hole that Minnie had dug and sat down very hard. I am still hurt from that but, am really glad I didn't break my leg or something.




Here are some things that count for miles.

These are as you can count them, 1 mile will = one mile.

Biking, swimming, walking, and such.




These will be counted as 1 hour = one mile also.


ROWBOAT%202_zpsmn93uoqu.jpg GOLFING%203_zpsgqvqldgz.jpg BOWLING%202_zpsoy0n0o2y.jpg DANCING8.gif :shopping:


These will be down and up 10 times = one mile :STAIRS:


These will be counted as 30 minutes = one mile


TENNIS_zpsxrlolht1.jpg :lois:item2960.gif JUMPING%20ROPE_zpsrrbnihsj.jpg





You will have to be the judge of these. We have been counting 1 hour as a mile, but, sometimes it isn't so. Therefore, I'm letting you be the judge of these.





June 19 -25 my fit bit says I have walked 28.66 miles for the week I would like to keep this up but am sure I won’t be able to this week.




Ok, who will be NEXT2.gif




Who is going to join us? Everyone is welcomepuppy.gif Anyone who wants to start exercising or walking or whatever, count your miles and add them up this week and post them next week when either Momo or I make the walking post.


HUGS3.jpg 3864.gif











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I hope your DH has nothing serious Annarchy.


It has been so hot here that I had to tell DH no outside work after 11 am. His health is not that great and it is just too risky for him. We just have to let it go until it cools down some.

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